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This is my personal search for the perfect home business and why StemEnhance is my #1 choice for a home business that really has potential. Before I tell you about StemEnhance below, I will share other ways to work at home and why they didn't work for me.

Years ago, like many new moms, I wanted to work from home. The ache started with my first born and got stronger with each additional child. I did not want other people caring for and raising my children. And truely with four children and the cost of childcare, it was prohibitive to work outside the home. So, I did my research and investigated many different businesses. Some I knew I would never try. I tried others. Of those I tried, some I liked, others I hated.

Some home business opportunties are scams, some obvious, most are not so obvious. Some legitimate home-based businesses were not ethical or moral, and while they would probably bring in a lot of money, they were not for me. Thank goodness, most of us are not that desperate that we would jepardize our souls. Other businesses only bring in money for the top line, such as pyramid schemes, which are, in fact, illegal. On the other hand, multi-level home-based businesses, are legitimate and a very good way to make money and build a business based on residual income.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", tells us that in order to make a significant change in your income, you simply must get into network marketing, otherwise the only way to increase your earnings is to get a raise, take a second job or work more hours.

I did not want to work for the rest of my life at a job I didn't like or one that didn't add significantly to our income. I needed a reliable and growing income because, in our present world, there is no longer job security. My cousin worked at the Rockford area Amerock factory since the time she graduated high school 35 years ago. Six months ago, she was laid off. Her job and that of hundreds of others had been sent overseas to China. She still has not found another job. Her husband lost his job two years earlier, where he had worked over 20 years. If they hadn't had their home paid for, they would have lost everything. Since they are in their 50s, their chances of finding a (good paying) job are much more difficult. So what can we do about job security? We need to have residual income as security for a prosperous future. If you haven't read the article from Robert Kiyosaki about residual income you can read Robert Kiyosaki's article here.

The key is, finding a business that you like, or better yet, love. In other words, perhaps something that you'd do for free, for at least during the intial period, when money isn't coming in yet. This helps you stay the course so you don't feel frustrated enough to quit before the money starts coming in. I went looking for a home-based business that I would enjoy so much, that I would do it for nothing? (at least for a short time)

There are many reasons to want to work from home but the reason I hear most often was the same one driving me - family. I wanted to spend more time with my family. We all know that children are blessings. But those little blessings don't come free. They need clothes, food, shelter, etc., etc,. For mothers who work outside the home, there seems little time to get the needed chores done. Even more importantly, there was little time for all the nurturing that children need. And don't forget the time involved in strengthening one's marriage.

So, here's my list of some of the home businesses that I tried - most of which I decided not to continue.

I babysat both part-time and full-time. However, even though there is more money in full-time - it didn't really didn't appeal to me. I love kids but I already had four children of my own. I watched children before and after school but if they weren't friends with my kids, it was harder. We had even taken classes and qualifed for foster care. We took in 3 foster kids (now that is full-time). That didn't work well since my children were already competing for attention. And after they sent us a boy that had a serious anger issue and potential for violence. I confronted DCFS and told them to remove the boy from my home that day. Eventually the other foster children returned to their homes. We didn't take any more. I didn't feel the system under its current management could be trusted and I would not put my own children in danger. Besides with childcare there are no days off or time to get other things done. Or hobbies. No, running a full-time childcare wasn't for me. Of course, I still watch my grandchildren regularly but prefer to do it as grandma and not as childcare giver.

I tried my hand at home parties - Tupperware and later Brite Music. Both businesses had great products. I learned the sales techniques. I even sang and used puppets with the Brite Music. I bought all the products myself and still have them, many years later. I made good money and had a great time, until, I ran out of prospective customers and refused to ask friends and family again. So, I packed up my demonstration kits and quit the business. One serious problem with in-home parties happens when out-of-towners come to the party and book their own party. I could not go that far out of town to hold a party knowing that a whole new crowd would book parties. Again, out of town! Also, the parties were occuring more and more on evenings and weekends. And I wanted that time with my family.

I worked for Linda C, who paid me for cold calling a list of businesses to do prequalifications for sales. It paid exceptionally well but I didn't like it. I found myself doing all sorts of housework just to postpone making the phone calls. My house was certainly tidier. Eventually, I forced myself to make those phone calls. Even though the people I talked to were very nice people, I didn't like cold calling. I'd hope that no one would answer just so I could leave a message. The job lasted about six months before a new strategy was proposed and it didn't include phone calls. Truthfully, I could no longer work this job. I had started watching my granddaughter during the day, and as we all know, babies can be a bit needy and unpredictably noisy.

Last year, I signed up with many different online surveys thinking it would be the answer and bring in decent amounts of money (at least that's what they were promising). So, I was filling out survey after survey and getting little in return but more surveys. Some were interesting others were ridiculous, such as describe the personality of your car. Is it shy or out going. Duh? After all the work I put in, I didn't win any sweepstakes. Nor did I get any free products but I did get more surveys. In fact, as I write this, I have 346 in a "survey" folder in my Outlook Express waiting for me to do them. I may select a few to do once in a while but I don't have that much time when the return is not there.

If you are interested in surveys - the only two that actually paid out (in my experience) were Synovate ( I got 3 - $10.00 checks over a period of six months) and NFO My Survey which allows you to bank your points and use it in various ways including exchange it for cash. (I got $40.00 for 8 months - but with this one I did buy some raffle tickets - although, again, I never won).

I also hooked up with Nielson Home Scanning where you scan all your grocery and other purchases. Boy, was that a mistake. I read that some people like it, I did not. First, my time was limited so scanning every item I bought when I get home was very time consuming and frankly a bit annoying. Also, transmitting the data online was fine until they "improved" their program and the uploads weren't going through (but I didn't even know it.) So four weeks of transmitting that didn't go through disqualified me from getting into the "big drawing". So anything of value that I wanted to be in the drawing for would take another 6 months. No thanks. When I quit they told me they would give me a gift for all the points I had accumulated. Guess what I qualified for, mind you, this was after 9 months of solid working their system. I qualified for a stinkin' radio pen......... Goodbye to Nielson

I bought into Melaleuca and still purchase their products. But that is because I really like the products. With Melaleuca, you are required to buy monthly products (that you choose) to stay in their system. I had four people sign up under me. All have dropped out. With Melaleuca, you simply must have a commitment to converting your entire household to their products or it's too costly. Buying their products instead of store bought products is referred to as re-directed spending. And if you are not into high quality nutritional supplements, it probably won't work. With Melaleuca, I would get a monthly check of anywhere between $4-$7. However, I spend $55-65 a month on the (discounted) products. Some people do very well at being a distributor with Melaleuca. Because I love the products, I remain a distributor.

Then, I joined Photomax, and some money was beginning to trickle in. Sherry, the person above me has done extremely well and had only been in a little over a year, so, I KNOW the possibilies were there. The product and company are top notch, especially the Lifepak Nano, Photo products, and GAC juice. It is a subdivision of Nuskin which is listed on the NASDAQ. Besides your Photomax website, you get 5 other websites representing the other divisions of Nuskin - for a total of six websites. Sounds good, real good. And for some it is. If you like cold calling, it would probably be perfect for you. And like Sherry, you could replace your corporate income in less than a year. There was a $24.95 monthly fee for the websites and a minimum purchase of $100 per month to qualify for commissions. Most people need to buy leads and that was too expensive when they didn't pan out. I invested considerable money in Photomax. Thank goodness I was able to deduct it on the taxes. I like their products and will use them, but did not succeed as an associate. Photomax taught me something about myself - I absolutely HATE cold calling. And so I moved on.

Don't get me wrong - most of the businesses had good products and some even had exceptional products, but frankly that's all they were (for me), good products. For me there was little or no income. And because they all have an investment and a monthly commitment - I was going farther in debt every month.

I always believed that I would eventually have a business that brings in enough residuals to improve my family's life dramatically. It would allow me the freedom to enjoy more time with my family and friends. Money to pay off all my bills, including the mortgage. I would be working on my schedule not spending time in a factory or working for a boss on his schedule. I would have the freedom to go to my grandkid's games and recitals and to take spontaneous trips. Sound good? It is.

And then, this relatively new, and growing company came into my life!

This amazing supplement was introduced to me by a friend in Utah, Bob Vance. He owns Miracle 2 of Utah and All Natural Solutions. He told me about a little, green capsule that is a "stem cell enhancer". He said it was amazing and I should give it a try. And I did try it. And I agree - what the stem cell enhancer did for me was nothing short of incredible. Rather than try to explain the product I am providing a link to the website where all your questions can be answered.

Basically, the supplement is made from concentrated blue-green algae from Klamath Lake in Oregon and it increases one's own body's production of adult stem cells. And we know that stem cells repair damaged cells within the body. I will take this until the end of time because of the changes that I have experienced since adding it to my daily routine. Read the Article on StemEnhance and Chonric Dry Eye.

Some people will do exceptionally well at selling it, especially those who are in the health food industry or put on "wellness or preparedness fairs". As a distributor I get it at the best price possible. Although, I do not put on the wellness or preparedness demonstrations, people have called and emailed me to ask me more about my experiences and the opportunity. This is great! My aversion is NOT to talking to people who call me but to cold calling people on a "hit list". I absolutely love when people call me. They are already interested and really want to know about the product and the business opportunity.

And even more good news, is the addition of supplements for dogs and horses. People love their pets and are willing to do just about anything to keep them in optimal health. That is where stem cell enhancers come in. Now we have even a bigger customer (and possible distributor) pool!

If you are interested in buying or becoming a distributor (or just have a question), contact Connie Email or call 815-704-64308 or cell 815-218-8006. You can also go to the website and read more, purchase or sign up.

Nevertheless, I wish you good luck in whatever home business endeavor you choose. I support anyone who puts their family first and gets off the treadmill that creates tension and disharmony in the home. While the previous home business is the one I have chosen to work, perhaps you see promise in a different home business. And maybe you like some of the other home businesses listed above and they will work better for you than they did for me.

In any case, remember starting a home-based business is a big decision. Do some investigative work. And no matter what they tell you, there are never any guarantees. I have found that even with the best company, you will have to work hard and invest your time and usually some money before results show. And really that's only fair.

Connie Eccles, CEO of www.comportone.com