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New Year's Resolutions

What gift are you going to give yourself for the New Year? We welcome a new beginning and spend a great deal of thought considering which New Year's Resolution to tackle. Maybe that is why some will succeed at our resolutions while others will fail.

Happy New Year!

If you take the resolution serious and want to start fresh, then truly there seems no better time then with a New Year. However, anytime you want to get rid of a bad habit, or take on a new challenge you should do so. Let the beginning of 2014 be the beginning of starting a new tradition of taking on many new challenges throughout the year. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider or the ideas may trigger another challenge more suited to you.

  • Give up smoking ...Please. It's not good for you nor for those around you. Besides, you are only making the tobacco companies, doctors and hospitals wealthy. [And now paying higher taxes!] Put the money back in your own pocket and good health back in your own body.

  • Lose weight - for the right reason ...for your health. Exercise to feel good - the looks will follow and if they don't - hey, you still feel better. Take it slow and make it last. America needs to be as obsessed with health as it is with thin. In fact, let thin go and just go for health. Your body will thank you.

  • Take a class, join a club, etc. Whatever interests you, philosophy, history, swimming, reading, writing, gardening, computer classes, etc. - just learn. The best way to keep your brain from wearing out ...use it.

  • Try something totally new. Come on you've been thinking about it. Don't let fear or self-doubt get in your way. You might be amazed at your abilities. Stimulate that child-like fascination that lies deep within all of us.

  • Read more. Turn off the TV and read. A good book is far more entertaining than the average TV show. Watch only those TV shows that are worth watching.

  • Get involved. Go to meetings. Participate on committees. Volunteer [even on a small scale it makes a difference.] Everyone has something to contribute.

    I saved the most important two for last!

  • Remember to be kind to your family. Think before you speak. Relationships are precious. If something doesn't really matter - give in. Conserve your energies for the truly important issues.

  • Dedicate yourself to God. Read the scriptures and other good books. Go to your church or place of worship, regularly. Give time to the One who created you, loves you and is your biggest supporter.

    This is just a short list of ideas for starting the new year. You may have ideas of your own suited to your own personality and talents. Go for it. "Life is a journey - stop camping."

    Connie Eccles
    Editor and CEO of ComPortOne

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