I Thought It Was a Dinosaur

I looked over, and then ...I spotted it. It was like the love of my life. My heart just stopped as I stared in amazement. I turned to ask my brother, Jeremy, if it was what I thought it was. He looked at me with a rather large smile and said, "Yes, it is."

I was thrilled. This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. The thing at which I was staring at for the last five minutes now - appeared to be a dinosaur and dinosaurs had been my favorite animal ever since I had seen the movie "The Land Before Time".

I was so excited, I rushed into the house and screamed, "Mommy, come and see what I found!" My Mom looked at me and said, "Jo, I'm sorry, but I can't come out right now. I'm making supper."

Then I said, "But Mom, it's a dinosaur." She turned around and quickly made it clear that she was too busy to see the amazing creature. I rushed into the livingroom, picked up the "D" encyclopedia, and quickly turned to the dinosaur pages. As I was trying to figure out what kind of dinosaur it was I heard my brother talking to my Mom about the dinosaur we had found. I searched through all the pages on dinosaurs but never found the right picture.

I stayed outside for almost an hour watching the way the little creature moved. Soon, I was called in for supper, but, I couldn't eat. I knew my little dinosaur, which I had named "Dino", was out there all by himself, but my mom wouldn't let me go outside.

I asked my mom if I could keep it as a pet, but she said she didn't want animals in the house. I sat there in silence - aching. All I wanted was to hold my new pet and keep it forever. I sat there sobbing until I couldn't take it anymore. As tears streamed down my face, I broke free. My tears went away as I ran to Dino. I picked him up and held him close giving him a big hug. But as little as Dino was he just fell through my hands. I told Dino I was sorry and he seemed all right. He walked pretty good. Actually, Dino didn't really walk, he just kind of laid there and moved.

I could not have been happier, for I thought I had found something and someone to play with. Someone to do what I want, and someone to show off to my friends. As the skies grew dark, my brother came outside to tell me it was time to come inside.

I told him I couldn't leave Dino out here all my himself. My brother seemed anoyed as he said, "Just kiss the dinosaur and come inside." I gave the dinosaur a kiss goodnight. As we reached the door, my brother burst out laughing.

I didn't know why, so I just went inside. When my brother caught his breath, he yelled out "Jolene kissed the dinosaur." As my face turned red in embarassment, I asked, "What's so funny?" My mom turned around and said, "Oh, Jo, you didn't kiss a dinosaur. You kissed a snake."

By Jolene K. Eccles

ComPortOne Editor Note: Jolene wrote this for a school writing assignment. It is based on a true incident in her life. It is written from Jolene's perspective and is how she remembers it. "Dino" turned out to be a small, harmless garter snake, that found refuge in a crack under our porch until Jolene found it. After its "treasured pet" treatment, it slithered away every time it caught sight of one of us. And Jolene really did kiss the "dinosaur"!! At 20, Jo still loves dinosaurs but now only tolerates snakes. - Connie Eccles, her mother.

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