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A selection of articles and editorials written by ComPortOne's Editor, Connie Eccles.

Teach Family History in Schools - Kids will learn to love history, appreciate their families and gain strength from their ancestors struggles..

High school students should evaluate their teachers - Students spend countless hours with their teachers and are a great resource of input into the daily conduct and effectiveness of teachers.

Where are the Heroes? - Why look so desperately for heroes in TV personalities and politicians, when the real heroes are right under our noses.

Freedom of Speech Excludes Profanity - Some people use profanity and claim it as a 1st Amendment right. What the writers of the constitution really meant by Freedom of Speech.

Catholic Priests and Pedophiles - If you think this problem is just with Catholic Priests, think again. A realistic look at a growing problem.

The Value of Friendship - Following the death of a wonderful friend, I reflected on the makings of a good friendship.

What's wrong with the media? - Listen, read and watch ....but remember the media's goal - to make money whatever the cost.

Megan's Law - When a little 7-year-old girl was killed by a neighborhood sex offender, the community was outraged to find the convicted sex offender was living in their neighborhood. The ensuing anger sparked the Sex Offender Notification Laws that are in effect in many communities across the nation.

Road Rage - It has become as dangerous to drive on our roads as it is to walk down streets in the most crime-ridden streets of neighborhoods.

The Democratic Process - Voting is an American right. Unfortunately, too many people put little or no thought into choosing representatives.

Ethics vs Business - Often people think they can lead two lives. A caring compassionate person on one hand - a shrewd businessman on the other. Claiming absolution in the name of "good business." I'm here to tell you - it isn't so. What you reap - you sow.

Rebates or Ripoffs - Rebates. All the hassle. All the paperwork. All the deadlines. And often you never even receive the money. Rebates are just incentives to get you to buy their product. Just give us the discount - now!

Write Your Lifestory - Writing your life story can be fun but be aware that it can also stir some deep buried emotions. Here are some tips to making it through the process smoother. Your posterity will treasure your childhood antics and empathize with your life's challenges.

Gratitude is a Matter of Attitude - Everyone has some difficulty and pain in their lives. Yet, some endure with smiles and fortitude. What gives the optomist their edge? ...their perspective.

New Year's Resolutions - What does the new year have is store for you? Take on new challenges and enjoy an eventful year!

Shopping With Your Teens - Some basic rules and suggestions to make shopping with your teens not only survivable - but fun.

But I Thought It Was a Dinosaur - A little girl who adopts a "dinosaur" into her life. Ah, the sweet innocence of children. - Written by Jolene Eccles.

The Killing of the Self - Teachers have power. The power to uplift and encourage or the power to demean and destroy. Stories and examples of the misuse of this powerful gift given to teachers.

Stress Busters - Americans are stressed out. Stomach problems, high blood pressure, headaches, mood swings, and more. There's a better way.

Violence in Our Lives - Crime - whether you've been a victim, you know a victim or even if you know someone who has committed a serious crime - it's difficult. How do you deal with the violence in our lives?

The Story of Rollie - Lives change when you take in a pet, especially a physically-disabled one. With his sweet temperment and undying determination, Rollie squirmed his way into the hearts of our family.