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About ComPortOne

Community Portal One - ComPortOne - CPO was created with the idea that there was a growing need to provide an Internet information service for our Midwest community. Serving the area since 1994. You won't find a more complete business directory for northern Illinois / southern Wisconsin area businesses anywhere else on the Internet. A few keystrokes and mouse clicks will take you on your way to discovering what our area has to offer ~ businesses, entertainment, clubs and hobbies, places to eat, community events, schools, goverment, and more, including CPO's Internet Magazine, which features a new and updated front every 1st and 15th of the month.

Area Businesses and ComPortOne INFO PAGES
Our Business Directory is one way businesses can advertise in with a FREE INFO PAGE. Consumers can scan the directory and click a business "INFO PAGE" link to discover what product or services the businesses provide, as well as hours, days, and any special services that make a buiness unique. The INFO PAGE also provides a link to the business's own website.

Have you ever seen a business store front or a listing in the Yellow Pages and still have no idea what it is they sell or what service they provide? ...or have you ever tried to locate a product or service but can't find it? Well...now you can with any business that has a ComPortOne INFO PAGE.

ComPortOne Business Site
How to start a business, select a location, find financing, marketing, advertising, and much more. Many articles from "Business Coaches" and Small Business Association. Links to additional sources.

Midwest Entertainment and Events
The Midwest Events page provides links to area tourism sites and some specific web pages. The Destination Page features places to go that have been visited and reviewed by ComPortOne staff.

Goverment - Issues, Representatives, Laws, Links, More...
We are working on getting a complete list of all govermental agencies from the lowest level to the highest position. City, local, county, state, and Federal with addresses, telephone numbers, faxes, snail mail and e-mail. No excuses now. It's time to tell your goverment officials what you think!

Weddings - Articles, Helps, and Businesses
Oh wow, where do you begin? The groom would like to help but he hasn't a clue. Time is of the essence and you need guidance. So, if you want to make this special occassion go as smooth as possible, you need advice, a workable time line and a list of businesses that specialize in weddings. Check with ComPortOne's Wedding site.

This is where you find it all. Invitations, churches, music, flowers,gowns, formal wear, photographers, videos, halls, party supplies, entertainment, limos, honeymoon ideas, etc.. A list of things to do from the beginning up to the honeymoon night....after that your on your own.