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Cemeteries of Lee County, Illinois
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Cemeteries are listed under the township in which the are located. Check neighboring townships and counties if you don't find the cemetery for which you are searching. Some cemeteries also have other names.

If they have an ** after the name - click on the ** to take you to the listings. We are currently linked to GENEAOLOGY TRAILS which has quite a lot of information that should help you in your family search... Be sure to check out their website GENEALOGY TRAILS.com I fairly sure they are not all complete listings but it may be the best we can get considering the condition of many of the older cemeteries. Also, check FINDAGRAVE.com. Find a Grave is not complete but a very good source of information.

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Townships and Cemeteries of Lee County, Illinois
  • Alto Twp
    Lutheran Cemetery **
    Steward Cemetery **
    Union Cemetery **
  • Amboy Township
    Amboy Cemetery **
    Binghampton Cemetery **
    Mormon Cemetery **
    Prairie Repose **
    Rockyford Cemetery **
    St Patrick Cemetery **
  • Ashton Township
    Ashton Cemetery**
  • Bradford Township
    Bradford Cemetery **
    Degner Farm Cemetery
    Gehant Cemetery **
    Old German Cemetery **
    Old School Cemtery
    Trotnow Cemetery **
  • Brooklyn Township
    Brooklyn Lutheran **
    Old Berg Cemetery **
    Melugins Cemetery **
    Robinson Cemetery **
    Saint Mary's Cemetery
    Union Cemetery
  • China Township
    Franklin Grove Cemetery **
    Temperance Hill **
  • Dixon Township
    Burket Cemetery **
    Chapel Hill Cemetery **
    Dixon State School
    Mooers Cemetery **
    Mt Union Cemetery **
    Oakwood Cemetery **
    Zion Cemetery
  • East Grove Township
    Anderson Cemetery
    Carter Cemetery
    Ohio Cemetery **
    St Marys Cemetery **
    Stevens Cemetery
    Williams, N C
  • Harmon Township
    Greenwood Cemetery **
    Holy Cross Cemetery **
  • Lee Center Township
    Inlet Cemetery **
    Woodside Cemetery **
  • May Township
    St Marys Mission **
    St Michael Cemetery **
    St Patrick Cemetery **
    Sandy Hill Cemetery **
  • Nachusa Township
    DeWolf Cemetery **
    Dunkard Cemetery **
    Emmert Cemetery **
    German Baptist **
    Girton Cemetery
    Locust St Cemetery **
    March Cemetery
  • Nelson Township
    Pine Grove Cemetery **
    Pioneer Cemetery
    Nelson Cemetery
    Zion Cemetery **
  • Palmyra Township
    Belcher Farm Cemetery
    Bluff Park Cemetery
    Gap Grove Cemetery
    Hoyle Cemetery
    Hubbard Cemetery
    Lawrence Cemetery
    Old Martin Cemetery
  • Palmyra Twp cont...
    Palmyra Cemetery **
    Prairieville Cemetery
    Rockwood Cemetery
    Sugar Grove Cemetery **
  • Reynolds Township
    Reynolds Cemetery **
  • South Dixon Township
    Emanuel Cemetery **
    Lighthouse Cemetery **
    Heckman Cemetery **
    Lee County Poor Farm
  • Sublette Township
    Baird Cemetery
    Evergreen Cemetery **
    Perkins Grove Cemetery **
    Peterson Cemetery **
    Pumphrey Cemetery
    Saint Marys Cemetery **
    Theiss Cemetery **
  • Viola Township
    Cobb Cemetery
    Samuel Cemetery
    Fisk Cemetery **
  • Willow Creek Twp
    English Cemetery
    First Lutheran Cemetery
    German Cemetery
    Norwegian Cemetery
    Twin Grove Cemetery **
    Union Church Cemetery
  • Wyoming Township
    Baptist Cemetery **
    Cottage Hill Cemetery
    Franz Grove Cemetery **
    Old Hastings Cemetery **
    Presbyterian Cemetery
    South Paw Paw Cemetery **
    Wyoming Cemetery **

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