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Cemeteries of Stephenson County Illinois
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Choose the township in which the cemetery is located. Check neighboring townships and counties if you don't find the cemetery for which you are searching. Some cemeteries also have other names. Preferably, I will have them listed under the one shown at the site. They will be listed when you click on their link. The cemetery link will take you to pictures and information and is added as each project is finished.

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Townships and Cemeteries of Stephenson County Illinois
  • Buckeye Township
    Alfolkey Cemetery
    Bellview Cemetery
    Cedarville Cemetery
    Cedarville Schlhse
  • Dakota Township
    Bethel Cemetery
    Dakota Cemetery
  • Erin Township
    Burns Branch Cemetery
    Eleroy Cemetery
    Greenwood Cemetery
  • Florence Township
    Chapel Hill Cemetery
    Ellis Van Brocklin
    Florence Station
    Freeport Oakland
    Harts Cemetery
    Lane Evangelical
  • City of Freeport
    Freeport City
  • Harlem Township
    Calvary Cemetery
    Flansburg Cemetery
    Harlem Center
    Martin Cemetery
  • Jefferson Township
    Ebenezer Evangelical
    Loran Cemetery
    Loran Evangelical
  • Kent Township
    Blackhawk Monument
    Blair Cemetery
    Dunkard Cemetery
  • Kent Township cont...
    Kent U. Baptist
    Kent Lutheran
  • Lancaster Township
    Lancaster Cemetery
    Silver Springs Cemetery
    Evangelical Society
    Freeport Mennonite
    Hathaway Cemetery
  • Loran Township
    Central  Methodist
    Zion Lutheran Cemetery
    Hershey School
    Liebhart Union Cemetery
  • Oneco Township
    Basswood Cemetery
    Eldorado Cemetery
    Fairfield Cemetery
    Orangeville Cemetery
  • Ridott Township
    Farewell Cemetery
    Ridott Cemetery
    Silver Creek Cemetery
    Hawkins Cemetery
    Holland Cemetery
    Indian Burial Grounds
  • Rock Grove Township
    Bethlehem Cemetery
    Beim Chapel Cemetery
    Rock Grove Union
    Eilert Cemetery
    Felts Cemetery
    Frankeburger Cemetery
    Hickory Grove
  • Rock Run Twp
    Brubaker & Rowe
    Davis Cemetery
    St. Paul Cemetery
    Irish Grove
    John W. Webb
    Rock City Cemetery
  • Silver Creek Twp
    Baileyville Baptist
    County Home
    Cranes Grove
    Diddens Cemetery
    Gallows Hill
    German Catholic
    Gunds Cemetery
  • Waddams Township
    Jerusalem Cemetery
    Manny Cemetery
    Salem Lutheran
    Silent Hill Cemetery
  • West Point Township
    Crossroads Cemetery
    Evergreen Cemetery
    Holly Grove Cemetery
    Howardsville Cemetery
    Lena Cemetery
    Louisa Cemetery
  • Winslow Township
    Christian Hollow
    Salem Cemtery
    Lathrop Cemtery

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