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Cemeteries of Columbia County, Wisconsin
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  • Arlington Township
    Arlington Cemetery
    Caldwell/United Presby
    Prairie Norwegian
  • Caledonia Township
    Durwards Glen
    Rubin Guenther
    Indian Farm / Zastro
    St. Paul Lutheran
    German Methodist
    St Camilus Novitiate
    Welsh Calvary Methodist
    Jerrison Cemetery
    Crawford Mcdonald
    Shanks Cemetery
  • Columbus Township
    Hillside Cemetery
    St Jerome Catholic
  • Courtland Township
    Annumication Cem
    Cambria Cemetery
    Courtland Methodist
  • Dekorra Township
    Dekorra Cemetery
    Norwegian Lutheran
    Hastie Cemetery
    Hillside Cemetery
    Inch United Methodist
    Schofield Cemetery
  • Fall River Twp
    Fall River Cemetery
  • Fort Winnebago Twp
    Old Fort Winnebago
  • Fountain Prairie Twp
    Fountain Prairie
    St Stephens Evangelical
  • Hampden Township
    Hampden Cemetery
  • Leeds Township
    Greenwood / N Leeds
    Hauge / Spring Prairie
    Leeds Center
    Spring Prairie Luth
    Zion Evang / S Leeds
  • Lewistown Township
    Hill Crest Cemetery
    Cummings Cemetery
    Greenwood Cemetery
    Martin Family
    Oak Grove
    St Michaels Luth
    St Paul Lutheran
    Silver Lake Cem
  • Lodi Township
    Mt Pleasant Cem
    St Patricks Cem
  • Lowville Township
    Rocky Run Cemetery
    S Lowville Cemetery
    Ohio Settlement Cem
  • Marcellon Township
    Comstock Cemetery
    Fuller Cole Cemetery
    Marcellon Cemetery
    N Marcellon Cemetery
  • Newport Township
    Calvary Cemetery
    Newport Lutheran
    Spring Grove Cemetery
  • Otsego Township
    St Patricks Catholic
    Bonnet Prairie Cem
    Doylestown Village
    Ostego Cemetery
    St Johns Lutheran
    Vangen Family Cem
  • Pacific Township
    Pacific Cemetery
  • Poynette
    Hillside Cemetery
  • Randolph Township
    Engedi Cemetery
    Friesland Cemetery
    Lake Sarah Cemetery
  • Scott Township
    Pleasant Hill
    Portage Prairie
  • West Point Twp
    Garden Bluff Cem
    West Point Cem
  • Wyocena Township
    County Home Cemetery
    Pardeeville Cemetery
    Rocky Run Catholic
    Wyocena Cemetery

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