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Choose the township in which the cemetery is located. Check neighboring townships if you don't find the cemetery you are searching for. The cemetery may also be listed under one of its other names. Cemeteries listed in blue ink to a page with more information.

Cemeteries within the Townships of Walworth County Wisconsin
  • Bloomfield Township
    Bloomfield Twp Cemetery
    Hafar Cemetery
    Hillside / Genoa City
    Jacob's Burial
    Line Cemetery
    Old Bloomfield / Pioneer
    Moresi Boundary
  • Darien Township
    Allen's Grove-Mt Phillip
    Bevan's Cemetery
    Darien Cemetery
    Fairfield Cemetery
    Hollistar Children
    Old St Andrews Cemetery
  • Delavan Township
    East Delavan Union
    John Phoenix Burials
    Old Settlers Cemetery
    Roselawn Memorial Gardens
    St. Andrews Cemetery
    Spring Grove Cemetery
  • East Troy Township
    Oak Ridge Cemetery
    St. Peter's Catholic
    Troy Lakes Cemetery
    School Road Cemetery
    Potter Cemetery
  • Elkhorn
    Elkhorn Cemetery
    Hazel Ridge Cemetery
    Mt Olivet Cemetery
  • Geneva Township
    Lake Geneva Pioneer
    Dunbar-Reimer Road
    Oak Hill Cemetery
    Pioneer Cemetery
    North Geneva Cemetery
    Walworth Co Farm
    Harris Cemetery
  • LaFayette Township
    Hartwell Cemetery
    Westville Cemetery
    White Oak Cemetery
    Seymour Farm
  • LaGrange Township
    Heart Prairie Cemetery
    Round Prairie Cemetery
    Shoponong, Norwegian
  • Linn Township
    Zenda, Hillside
  • LyonsTownship
    Hudson Cemetery
    St Francis de Sales
    St Killians Catholic
    St Josephs Catholic
    Wija Farm
  • Richmond Township
    Richmond Cemetery
    East Richmond
    Norwegian Methodist
    Utter's Corners
  • Sharon Township
    North Sharon Cemetery
    Oakwood Cemetery
    South Grove Cemetery
  • Spring Prairie Township
    Billings Burial Ground
    German Settlement
    Hickory Grove
    Honey Creek
    Vienna Cemetery
    Frank Williams Farm
    Mrs Lord's Farm
  • Sugar Creek Township
    Sugar Creek Lutheran
    Millard Cemetery
    Mt Pleasant Cemetery
  • Troy Township
    Adams Cemetery
    Baker Farm & School
    Chapman Hills
    Cox Children
    Greenwood Cemetery
    Little Prairie Cemetery
    N Chapman Hills
    Quarterline Evergreen
  • Walworth Township
    Brick Church Cemetery
    Walworth Center
  • White Water Township
    St Patrick's Catholic
    Hillside Cemetery
    Norwegian Evangelical
    Oak Grove
    Werner Christian Farm

Abandoned Cemeteries of Walworth County Wisconsin:uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes
The following cemeteries no longer exist or are abandoned. The township is listed in [ ] s. The section is where they were located according to records. Unless mentioned nothing presently exists at the sights.:

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