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Illinois 61014

2000 statistics from census records & village officials

Town - Chadwick   505 County - Carroll [1990] 16,805

Location - 45 miles SW of Rockford; 120 miles W of Chicago. 10 miles E of the Mississippi River.

Utilities Suppliers
Electric - Interstate Power Company
Local Telephone Contel

Political Representatives:
Representative District # 73 - Gerald "Jerry" Mitchell
Senate District # 37 - Ron Lawfer
Congressional District # 16 - Don Manzullo

Nearest Hospitals - 20 miles

# Doctors in community 0
# Dentists in community 1

1 Elementary Schools / # of students 246
1 High School / # of students 198
Milledgeville annexed to Chadwick. Elementary and Junior High Students combined.

Higher Education
Rock Valley Community College - Rockford - 45 miles
Northern Illinois University - Dekalb - 50 miles

Fire Department # of employees 30 volunteers

Police Department # of employees 1 full-time

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