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Midwest Destination:

    Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant
    702 North Bay Shore Drive
    Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin

"Al" Johnson's Swedish Restaraunt

Al Johnson Swedish Restaurant A visit to Door County, Wisconsin wouldn't be complete without a stop at the famous "goats on the roof" restaurant - Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.

Not really noticable from the road. The sign is ordinary and the restaurant, unimpressive, would be easy to pass, except for the crowd pointing at the goats grazing on the grass-thatched roof. The ambiance is set the minute you see the adorable and "well fed" goats perched on the roof of the restaurant.

We managed to get to the restaurant at a less busy time [2:30PM, Fri, Oct 14] so the wait was insignificant. The restaurant was about 2/3 full and busy. The menu was moderately varied with a heavy emphasis on Swedish food. The cost was considerably higher than we were accustomed to but then again, probably quite common for Door County, Wisconsin.

The food was plentiful and tasty, about the same as most of the restaurants we had visited in Door County. However, we had ordered sandwiches and probably should have ordered a Swedish meal. If a restaurant has a specialty, one should order it.

After eating, we browsed through their gift shop hoping to find treasures for the family left at home. The prices were way too high for the number of gifts we wanted to buy. And at $40 for a hat, or $165 for a sweater, it was not practical to even buy something for myself [although, I might have splurged on a cookbook.] Most of their items were quite overpriced for the common folk. Even so, it was interesting to "look" at all the Swedish items for sale in the gift shop.

goats on the roof - Al Johnson entrance- Al Johnson
Goat on the RoofFront Entrance to Restaurant

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CEO of ComPortOne

Al Johnsons' Swedish Restaurant
702 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234
920-854-2626 / Hours: Daily 6am-8pm

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