Midwest Destination:
Dinner Theatre at The Fireside
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

What more could you want? This place has it all - dinner, entertainment, and a wonderful gift shop packed with interesting gifts.

Fiddler on the Roof The Gift Shop was filled with beautiful items. Interesting and best of all - good prices. I'm hoping someone buys me the white poreclain music box of Jesus with little children surrounding him. It's beautiful. [and at a great price, too]

Dinner was a five-course meal meal complete with a choice of entree. Although, the appetizers, salad and soup were all different than I normally order, they were good. [I chose not to have the vinegarette dressing though.] The entree I had chosen was the chicken cordon bleu [minus the wine sauce] and it was followed by an unusual sponge cake dessert surrounded in a creme sauce. An excellent meal.

Theatre - The entertainment on the evening we visited was "A Fireside Christmas", non-stop performance filled with extravagant costumes, exhilarating songs and fine acting.

There are varying prices depending upon the time of the show. There are also special prices and times for children. As an average American family, the cost is enough so this could hardly be a weekly event. However, it is a special treat every so often to go to the theatre and enjoy the arts. [Tickets do not include gratuity. Dining is required for all performances.]

Anytime of year, is a great time to visit The Fireside in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Click on their logo below to visit their website for upcoming theatre productions. [A great gift to give for Christmas - or anytime.] Click below for the website and more information for upcoming shows and prices.

frsd_logo.jpg - 4029 Bytes The Fireside Theatre
Business Hwy 26 South PO Box 7
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538-0007
Phone 800-477-9505
Website: www.firesidetheatre.com

Have fun in your own backyard!
Connie Eccles
CEO of ComPortOne

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