Midwest Destination

Midwest Destination:
Rockford Ice Hogs
Metro Centre, Rockford Illinois

Rockford Illinois Ice Hockey Team

Having never attended a ice hockey game, I was a bit apprehensive to give up three hours of my time watching a sport I had little interest in. Or so I thought.

We had obtained four seats from a season ticket holder who was unable to use the tickets. We asked Denny's sister and her husband if they wanted to go along on the adventure. They, too, had not previously been to a hockey game so it was indeed an adventure for all of us.

Parking at the Metro Centre is easy on arrival. [Leaving is a nightmare.] Since we had tickets, getting in the doors was a breeze. However, it was a good idea to give ourselves plenty of extra time, since ordering food took far longer than we had expected.

It took only a few minutes to find our seats and they were good ones [5-8F in section 116]. Not being a sports fanatic, generally, I can do without sports unless someone I know is playing. However, this was interesting. I enjoyed myself. We had to keep our eyes on the game at all times because of the danger of the puck being hit out of the arena. And the afternoon we attended it was hit out eight times.

The game is a lot harder than it looks. The players are very skilled at skating. Even "Hammy", the mascot is very skilled at skating considering his awkward but adorable outfit.

The games and drawings that were held during the game were entertaining even though I wasn't called to be a winner. We laughed when people started throwing the rubber pucks into the rink at the intermission to win a prize. The floor was covered. Music was provided during the intermissions.

I thought the noise level was tolerable except for this rather attractive young lady seated behind our group. I had to take a second look for it was truely hard to believe such an annoying bellow could come out of her mouth [or anyone's for that matter]. And she never gave up. Continuously chanting "Let's Go Pigs!!" in a tone that made those around her cringe. She was unaffected by our discomfort and continued until near the end of the game when her voice became increasingly raspier with every chant. Indeed our ears were hurting and it seemed appropriate that she would probably have a sore throat and be unable to talk for a day or two. We laughed as we commented on her lucky husband who probably brought her to the game for that purpose. We also thought it a distinct possibility that those who originally held the season tickets needed some time away from the screamer.

All kidding aside, we had a great time and through the first and second period the score was tied. During the third period, the Ice Hogs lost ground and also lost the game by three points. Too bad. They tried.

Would we go again? Yes. Even considering the screamer? Yes, but I'll bring earplugs.

You gotta go and see the Ice Hogs at least once before the season is over. Make it a day and have a great time. ...Oh, and be prepared ...bring earplugs.

Have fun in your own backyard!
Connie Eccles
CEO of ComPortOne

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