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Midwest Destination:
Lambeau Field
Green Bay Packers,
Green Bay Wisconsin

Lambeau Field Green Bay Packers
vs Chicago Bears
Pro Football game

Having never attended a live football game, I wasn't sure this new experience was going to be a fun adventure or a trial to endure.

My husband [and life-long Packer fan] Denny had obtained 2 tickets on Thursday night [for Sunday's game] from a long-time friend who was unable to use the tickets. Hardly time to plan. Hardly time to panic.

After arrangements had been made for family members to take care of the house and pets, motel reservations were made and a map and directions were printed from the Internet. Now we could relax for we were ready to go.

We left at 9am from the stateline; it being about a three and a half hour drive. The pace was fast and steady so there was little problem except for Hwy 26 from Waupon to Oshkosh which was under construction. So we took a little quiet back road instead [Hwy M to 44 to 41].

Country Inn & Suites in Appleton, Wisconsin Once in Appleton, we located the Country Inn & Suites where we were staying so that we could find it when the game was over and it was dark. Then once again, we were on our way to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We followed other Green Bay Packer fans as they turned off Hwy 41 onto Oneida Road in Green Bay. Soon we saw signs being held up by home owners "Parking $10 or Parking $15 or Parking $20"] depending on how far from the stadium they were. We ended up parking in a church parking lot for $15. I felt a little strange paying a church to park in their lot on Sunday [Honor the Sabbath - Commandment #4.]

What a walk to the stadium! [A word to the wise - be in shape.] We walked past the "tailgaters", bought a program, and then walked to the other side of the stadium to buy a brat and drink at the "Fifty Yard Line". Then we had to walk back around to the other side to enter "B" gate.

Lambeau Field - An hour before the gameOnce inside, we bought drinks [Denny a beer and me a bottled water]. We trudged our way up to the Section 3, Row 47, seats 15 & 16. We were in what is known as the "nosebleed section." It could also be known as the "strong bladder" section, since once you get seated you'll not want to go back down until its time to leave. Even though the majority of fans had not taken their seats, I was in for the duration.

Game time - Look at all the fans!Once the Lambeau Field filled up it was a sight to behold. Never have I been in the company of so many people in one place. The stadium was filled with nearly 60,000 devoted, enthusiastic Green Bay Packer fans. Wow, what an experience! Of course, there were a few thousand Bears fans, too.

Now I should mention the game was not a good one for the Packers. They made many mistakes, while the Bears were scoring on almost every possession.The Sad but Final ScoreIn fact, the Bears had nearly four times the rushing yards and twice the passing yards of the Packers. And there were the turn-overs - 4 times the Packers lost the ball to the Bears. By half-time the score was a depressing - Bears 17 to Packers 3. The Packers returned after half-time with a renewed determination that almost proved the Bears undoing. I say almost because the final score was Bears 27 to Packers 24. Too bad the game wasn't a little longer the Packers might have won.

I thought I'd comment on the fans. Most of them were really great. Some were nice until the game started and then they mutated into closet coaches - screaming criticisms over everything. There were well behaved fans and annoying fans from both sides. I particularly noticed a Bear fan in front of us who was excessive. Since I don't know his name, I'll call him Mr. Orange Shirt. He stood with both hands raised every time the Bears had a call Obnoxious Bear Fanfavorable to them and he would turn and taunt the crowd. Unfortunately, he stood with both hands raised and his middle fingers extended when a call did not go for the Bears. There were children sitting right in front of him. The children's father should have told him to knock it off. Mr. Orange Shirt was so smug. It is a good thing for him that he misbehaved in Lambeau Stadium where the fans are not likely to break out into a fight. Is this person brave or stupid to stand and taunt 60,000 fans? Stupid? You say stupid? I agree.

Would I go again? Truthfully, Green Bay Packer tickets are very hard to come by so the chances of going to another game anytime soon isn't likely. I'd like Denny to take our son, Jeremy the next time so he can have a Lambeau adventure to remember, just as I now have.

So, if you ever get the chance, go and enjoy a football game in person - at least once in your lifetime. It's a memorable experience. I had a great time.

Have fun in your own backyard!
Connie Eccles
CEO of ComPortOne

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