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List of Apple Orchards & Pumpkin Patches

One couldn't ask for a better day to visit the apple orchard! We chose to visit a local orchard in Winnebago County, Illinois. However, you could check out one of the orchards close to you and find many of the same wonderful offerings.

Most apple orchards are free since their income is generated through selling of apples, pumpkins, produce, candies, treats, donuts, apple cider and gifts in the craft shop. With a natural fascination for pumpkins, little ones could often be found inspecting the pumpkins.

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Like many other apple orchards, the one we visited had a petting zoo with bunnies, chickens, piglets, goats, sheep, billy goats, donkeys, and llamas. For a quarter, a visitor can buy a small handfull of food to feed the animals. The petting zoo is maintained in part through the sale and feeding of the animals.

There were many varieties of apples, taffy apples, apple cider and hot apple donuts on sale. The gift shop has craft items and novelties that are fun to look at and enticing to buy. Ashley was interested in all the cute farm items, especially the little chicken ornaments hanging on the small Christmas tree.

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Have fun in your own backyard!
Connie Eccles
CEO of ComPortOne

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