Midwest Destination

Midwest Destination:
The Henry Vilas Zoo

monkey Madison, Wisconsin
A day trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin is truely time well spent. About 45 miles north of the Illinois-Wisconsin border, it is convenient to most everyone in the area. It is also FREE. The Henry Vilas Zoo is one of only 10 accredited zoos nationwide that is free to the public.

My daughter, Jolene, and three of her friends, went to the zoo on a Sunday in early August. The weather was perfect for walking around and checking out the animals. The zoo covers nearly 28 acres.

With all the animals that many larger zoos feature, the Henry Vilas Zoo is Wisconsin's treasure - bear, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, big cats, birds, and more.

There is also a petting area for the children to touch and feed some of the animals.

Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison, Wisconsin   For more information visit their website at www.vilaszoo.org

Have fun in your own backyard!
Connie Eccles
CEO of ComPortOne

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