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The Family of
Frederick Nagles - Augusta Hackbert
          of Northern Illinois

          ...a genealogy by Connie Lake-Eccles
Genealogy Article Section

The following work is information compiled and researched by Connie Eccles. The links have been added to make it navigation easier. Discrepanices in conflicting reports are noted. Family History is an ongoing process. As information becomes available, it will be added; as will corrections. All the following information is accurate to my knowledge.

  Frederick Nagles  
Augusta Hackbert

 Northern Illinois 

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Historical Background
Northern Illinois
Family Names


Note from ComPortOne

FrederickAugustaNagles.jpg - 333711 Bytes

Frederick NAGLES & Augusta HACKBERT
Taken about 1900

This is a work in progress [as is all genealogy work]. While, being compiled by me, the original work comes from many different sources including; close relatives, distant relatives, internet contacts, emails, websites, etc.

Currently, only documents in my possession have been uploaded making them available to those who need them: They are currently in .pdf format and are a bit large. I may convert them later to a different format.

Frederick Nagles - Naturalization -
Frederick Nagles - Certificate of Death - Cause of death, place born, place of burial
Augusta Hackbert - Nagles Certificate of Death - Cause of death, place born, place of burial.
Mathilda Nagles - Walter Dummer Marriage Certificate
Family picture after death of Frederick. ca. 1910 Matilda Nagles Edith Nagels Emma Nagels Wuhrmann Bertha Nagles Mackey

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Migration of the Frederick Nagles family.