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The John Lake - Diantha Corkins Family
          of Northern Illinois

          ...a genealogy by Connie Lake-Eccles
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The following work is information compiled and researched by Connie Eccles. The links have been added to make it navigation easier. Discrepanices in conflicting reports are noted. Family History is an ongoing process. As information becomes available, it will be added; as will corrections. All the following information is accurate to my knowledge.



 Northern Illinois 

Research & Documentation

Historical Background
Northern Illinois
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Notes from ComPortOne

4generation-lake.jpg - 10430 Bytes
Four generation picture of Lake's: John, Arthur, Ray, & Clarence. Ca 1907

This is a work in progress [as is all genealogy work]. While, being compiled by me, the original work comes from many different sources including; close relatives, distant relatives, internet contacts, emails, websites, etc.

Currently, only documents in my possession have been uploaded making them available to those who need them: They are currently in .pdf format and are a bit large. I may convert them later to a different format.

Research and Documentation
John Lake - Bureau of Pensions - wife [maiden name] & children, marriage
Sarah Caulkins [Corkins] Certificate of Death - cause, place born, burial
Henry Lake Birth Certificate - DOB, maiden names, location, occupation, more
Mary Prentice Death Certificate - married names: Lake, Parnell, Van Auken
Cause, date, age, birth, parents names, husband name, burial
Adaline Prentice [Banks] Death Certificate - Place, age, cause, parents, birth
Arthur Lake / M Prentice Marriage - App & certificate, parents, location, ages
John Prentice / Adaline Banks Marriage - date, little more. Hard to read
John Prentice / Anna McCammond Marriage - date, little more. Hard to read
Billings Burton 1870 Census - Chemung, McHenry Co, Illinois
Levi Corkins 1870 Census - Chemung, McHenry Co, Illinois
John Lake 1870 Census - Rockton, Winnebago Co, Illinois

Brief rundown of migration of Lakes, Corkins, Van Wicklin
gathered from census, state, county and personal records.

Illinois Marriage

  • 1848 Jan 18 Illinois Marriage: John Prentice / Anna McCammond - Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois
  • 1854 Jul 5 Illinois Marriage: Daniel Van Wicklin / Margaret Corkins (A/34 1338) McHenry, Illinois
  • 1857 Oct 2 Illinois Marriage: John Prentice / Adaline Banks - Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois
  • 1862 Nov 29 Illinois Marriage: Daniel Van Wicklin / Sarah Sawyer (A/68 Lic#2699) McHenry, Illinois
  • 1880 Oct 23 Illinois Marriage: Arthur Lake / Mary Melissa Prentice - Kishwaukee, Winnebago, Illinois
  • 1881 Oct 22 Illinois Marriage: Diantha Van Wicklin / Henry Stevens - Ogle County, Illinois

1860 US Census

  • Coral, McHenry, Illinois D. Van Wicklin, 32, farmer, b. CAN West; Margaret, wife, 24, b. CAN West; Proben , 5, b. IL; Diantha, 1, b. MN [note: Proben is most likely, Cerolin, misspelled or misunderstood]
  • Coral, McHenry, Illinois John Lake, 25, farmer, b. NY; Diantha, wife, 22, housekeeping, b. CAN; William, son, 2, b. MN; Arthur, son, 7/12, b. IL [note: Diantha's maiden name is Corkins]
  • Elk Horn, Racine, Mower, Minnesota Elihu Corkins, 58, farmer, b. CAN Sarah, wife, 47, and son, Levi, 18, farm hand.

1870 US Census

  • Chemung, McHenry, Illinois - Levi Corkins, 28, Farm Laborer, b. CAN; Sarah, wife, 22, keeping house, b. IL, son, Carlo, 2, b. IL, father, Elihu Corkins, 68, retired farmer, b. CAN, and Serolan Van Wicklin, 15, male, attending school, b. IL, and Diantha, 13, female, att. school, b. IL [?? says MN on previous census - Cerolin and Diantha are children of Margaret Corkins, sister of Levi, who died of Diptheria]
  • Rockton, Winnebago, Illinois - John Lake, 35, works in paper mill, b. NY; Diantha, wife, 32, housekeeping, b. CAN, Arthur, son, 10, b. IL, Elizabeth, daughter, 7, b. IL; Sarah Corkins, mother-in-law, 57, invalid, b. CAN [note: w/of Elihu Corkins, who resides w/ son, Levi in Chemung, Illinois, above...)
  • Rockton, Winnebago, Illinois - Henry Stevens, 20, farm laborer, single, b. ENG in household of Henry Smith, 34, farmer.

1880 US Census

  • New Milford, Winnebago, Illinois - John Lake, 46, farmer, b. NY (parents b. NY); Diantha, wife, 43, keeps house, b. CAN (NY, CT), Arthur, 20, b. IL (NY, CAN), Gilbert, 6, b. IL (NY, CAN), Henry L., 3, b. IL (NY, CAN) and Diantha Van Wicklin, 21, niece, at home, b. MN (CAN, CAN)
  • Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois - I.B.Stryker, 43, farmer, b. NJ; Kate, wife, 39, b. NY, Cornelius, 18, Eliz., 15, Hattie, 13, Henry, 10, Alfred, 6, William, 1 mo.; and Henry Stevens, boarder, 29, b. Eng (parents b. Eng.)
  • Owen, Winnebago, Illinois - Cerolin Van Wicklin, 24, farmer, b. IL (parents are German, state unknown??) in household of William Halley, 61, farmer.

1900 US Census

  • Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois - Cerolin H. Van Wicklin, head, b. Feb 1854, (1st marriage - 18 yrs), b. IL (CAN, CAN); Lizzie W., wife, 36, b. July 1864 (1st marriage - 18 yrs), b. IL (NJ, NJ); Alfred Stryker, brother-in-law, 26, b. Sept 1873, single, b. IL (NJ, NJ)
  • Owen Township, Winnebago, Illinois - Henry Stevens, head, b Oct 1853, 46, 1st marriage 18 yrs, b. England, (Eng, Eng) Farmer; Diantha C, Wife, May 1859, 41, 1st marriage 18 yrs, 2 children, 2 living, b. IL, (CanW, CanW); Mabel G, daughter, Dec 1886, 13, IL, in school; Ida E., daughter, Jul 1888, 11, IL, in school.

1910 US Census

  • Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois - Cerolin H. Van Wicklin, head, 56 (M1-28), b. IL (CAN, CAN); Lizzie W., wife, 45 (M1-28), b. IL (NJ, NJ) with Edith M. Lake, boarder, 22, single, b. Nebraska (parents b. IL), seamstress - clothing factory; Howard V. Gleasman, nephew, 22, single, b. IL (IL, IL) tester of gas engines. (Lives on School Street)
  • Owen, Winnebago, Illinois - Henry Stevens, head, 58, b. Eng (Eng, Eng), farmer; Diantha Stevens, wife, 50, b. MN (NY, NJ); Marshall Van Horn, 12, nephew, b. IL (ENG, IL) at school.
  • Peabody, Marion, Kansas - Levi Corkins, head, 68 (M1-42), b. CAN (CAN, CAN), own income; Sarah, wife, 65, b. IL (NY, NY)
  • Peabody, Marion, Kansas - Levi Corkins, head, 77, b. CAN (CAN, CAN), no occup.; Sarah, wife, 73, b. IL (NY, NY)

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Migration of the John Lake family.