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The Kroll Family in Southwest Wisconsin
...a Genealogy by Eleanor Kroll
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The following work was inspired by a copy of the booklet published in 1940 by Eleanor G. Kroll of Chicago, Illinois, from her own personal research and observation. Most of the information is accurate. But as always, document your information and compare it to other resources for accuracy. Since the copyright was not renewed, it is no longer valid and the information is now public domain. The links have been added to make it navigation easier. A few spelling corrections have been made without notation. If a discrepancy is known in a date or name a correction will be made. I have taken the liberty of editing out trivial information [height, weight, eye color] and making corrections when known. For a printer friendly version click here.

by Eleanor Kroll

Books Used in Research

Family Shields

Historical Background
Southwestern Wisconsin
Church History
Family Names


Note from ComPortOne

         Our Family - a Genealogy book by Eleanor Kroll copyright 1940


Generally speaking, the members of our family are: simple, honest, moderate, religious [Catholic], tall, well-built, hard-working, German, Wisconsin farmers. The various branches of the family are unusually interwoven. Even the first names of its members have become almost standardized as the repetition of such names as Aloysius, Anthony, Bernard, Francis, Henry, Herman, John, Anna, Barbara, Cresentia, Christine, Elizabeth, Gertrude, Katherine, Mayme, Theresa, and their related forms will warrant.

Iowa County in southwestern Wisconsin is the center of the stage for this genealogy in the U.S., but branches of the family live in Richland, Dane, Milwaukee, Monroe, Marathon and Rusk Counties in Wisconsin. and a few moved to the states of Illinois and Iowa.

Most of the ancestors came from Westphalia, a province in western Germany bordering on Holland, and more specifically, from the territory surrounding Reken, a small town on the west bank of a little stream which flows into the Lippe River, a tributary of the Rhine, about halfway between Munster and Wesel.

Census, land, baptismal, death and marriage records as well as historic writings have helped to establish dates and facts. Most of the information for the present generation was gathered by questionnaire during the first part of 1940. For the sake of brevity, the following abbreviations may be used: b-b.; d-died; m-m..

The following books used for historical data in this study may be found at the Milwaukee Public Library [Wisconsin]:

  • Bartlett, "Chippewa Valley";
  • Louis Albert Copeland, "The Cornish in Southwestern Wisconsin";
  • Susan Burdick Davis, "Old Forts and Real Folks";
  • J. H. U. Lacher, "The German Element in Wisconsin";
  • Randall, "History of Chippewa Valley";
  • Rodolf, "Lead Regions";
  • Joseph Schafer, "Yankee and Teuton in Wisconsin";
  • Joseph Schafer, "Wisconsin Lead Region";
  • Taylor, "Mineral Point and Richland County";
  • and general works by Baird, Bottomly, Hense and Jensen.
NOTE: Additional sources used by ComPortOne to try to correct inaccuracies and complete the information include the following records: birth, death, marriage, cemetery listings and inscriptions from stones, social security death records, and census records as well as the following websites: and


Shields of the KROLL family and those related to them.      These shields were found in Siebmacher's - "Wappenbuch" Nurenberg 1878, 60 volumes; Herner & Hernberg's - Wappenbuch" Nurenberg 1857, 4 vol; and Rieststap's "Armoiries des Families" Paris 1903, 6 vol. Because of lack of space, the complete escutcheon is given here only for Kroll. In the science of heraldry, each figure, color and design has a symbolic meaning, for instance, each son is designated, the five point star for the 3rd son [Blessingh], the amulet for the 5th [Richter], the Fleur-de-lis for the 6th [Bunzel], the rose for 7th [Nauendorf], the cross for the 8th [Venne] and so on. Each country has its characteristic shape of shield. Here they have been simplified, There is much more research to be done on the families' heraldic arms.

The names on the above chart are as follows [from top left going across the top and clockwise]: Venne [van]; Nauendorf; Wieling; Blessingh; Wesseling; Gessner; Bunzel; Jansen; Esser; Richter; Martin; Potter; Ewald; and Albrecht. The larger one in the middle of the chart is KROLL.


SW Wisconsin
Church History
Family Names

Southwestern Wisconsin
Davis, in her "Old Forts and Real Folks," gives the causes of the rapid settlement in southwestern Wisconsin as follows: 1823 - steamboats came up the Mississippi River, 1826 - mail service, 1832 - removal of Indians, 1832-4 - surveying of land into townships and sections and 1834 - opening of lands to public sale.

Another cause for the influx of so many Catholics was that Father Mazzuchelli came from Italy to Prairie du Chien in about 1830 and built St. Gabriels and other churches and schools throughout that section. He also planned the court house at Dodgeville.

As early as 1824 there was a mining settlement at New Diggings [Hard Scrabble], now Hazel Green. William Hamilton, son of Alexander, worked there for a few weeks before he discovered his own mine.

That section of Wisconsin was first settled by pioneers from New England who came in about 1835-1850. The immigrants from 1884-1860 were mostly from southern and central Germany. They had settled largely around Highland, Pulaski and Eden by 1880.

Historians' statements on the German immigrants are interesting and significant. Schafer, in his "Yankee and Teuton in Wisconsin", says the Germans grubbed new land instead of slashing it.; they grew a little of everything: wheat, rye, corn, oats, barley, potatoes, hops for beer, root crops and clover which was a favorite for forage. They were slow, solid farmers. Between 1840-1860, nearly all the settlers had some systematic schooling and love of culture even if they were from the peasant classes. Craftsmanship was prevalent and gave them a sort of a social status. They celebrated with beer and music.

Muehlenberg characteristics the people with industry, thoroughness, thrift, honesty, sense of duty, sociability and love of home and music. His diet list is worth repeating: sauerkraut, cole slaw, potato salad, dill pickles, saur meats, hamburger, sausages, noodles, kohlrabi, chives, celery, endive, unusual greens [nettles and dandelion], zwieback, cheesecake, hard rolls, schednecken, coffee cake, rye bread, caraway seed, pumpernickel, pancakes, and so on. The custom of kaffeeklatch, afternoon coffee gathering, should be mentioned. He states that German Catholics did not favor 'godless' public schools so they established their own parochial schools and gathered much fine art and displayed fine musical ability in their churches. They were unpolitical and m. within their own nationality which is well illustrated in this family history. They had the ability to enjoy cheap, home-made, innocent amusements. The card games listed were: pinochle, 66, solo, skat and whist. Turning, wrestling and boxing were the sports mentioned. Special celebrations were held at Christmas and Easter.

The most important town in the early days was Mineral Point, the land office of which opened in 1835 under Major John P. Sheldon. It was the county seat of Iowa county with a growing population of 2,000. Davis says it confidently expected to be territorial capital.

Mining was done in Highland as far back as 1828 by the Indians and the French fur tracer, Brisbois, but the greatest profits were not made until between 1850-60. The McQuire lead was the best. Blackjack and drybone were taken from the Kreul & Company mine near Centerville. The first valuable lead lode was discovered in 1834.

Church History
The development and history of the Catholic church in Wisconsin can hardly be overlooked in that practically all of the family have followed that belief since the missionaries were sent out from Fulda to convert Germany in the Middle Ages. Their faith was strengthened by the Thirty Years Wars which began in 1618 and ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

Father Samuel Mazzuchelli was a banker's son, b. in Milan in 1807. He joined the Order of St. Dominic and in 1828 came to America as a missionary. In 1830 he began his work from Mackinac Island; in 1835 he moved to Galena, Illinois, where he could serve the miners. He assisted during the cholera epidemic in New Diggins and Benton. In 1836, when the territory was founded, he addressed the gathering on the significance of citizenship. Most of the churches, schools, colleges, convents and even public buildings in that section, were erected at his instigation and some were even designed by him. He chose Benton, Wisconsin, as his home parish and when he died in 1864, was buried there .

St. Francis Seminaries were established at Milwaukee, Alverno, St. Francis and La Crosse. A Black Forest Community was brought to St. Nazians. One church records says, "In 1849, two priests accompanied by three brothers, and six sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, arrived in America from Suabia, Bavaria intending to settle in the diocese of Milwaukee in order to assist in fostering Catholic City in the state of Wisconsin ...To the wish of Rt. Rev. J. M. Henni [first bishop of Milwaukee], they settled in St. Francis. In 1852, the Rev Michael Heiss assumed charge of the Sisters of St. Francis. In 1869, Heiss, now bishop of LaCrosse went to Rome to attend the Vatican Council. In 1870, from Rome, he informed Mother Antonia that the Motherhouse was to be transferred to LaCrosse. In July, 1871, she, with several Sisters and accompanied by Rev. F. X. Obermueller came to LaCrosse ... On August 21, the cornerstone was laid ... St. Francis Hospital was opened in December 1883..." St. Rose Convent burned down on December 2, 1923 and was rebuilt. One record states that in 1861 Sister Cresentia Nondorf became Head.

A LaCrosse mission was sent to St. Mary's Ridge near Norwalk in 1858 for the settlement of Catholics from Stommeln, Cologne and Luxemberg, Germany. A log church was built at the cost of $96.04 and the first mass said by Father Henry Tappert. In 1866, Rev. S. Florentine was resident. The new church was dedicated in 1869 by Bishop Heiss and pastored by Rev. M. Heiss Jr., his nephew. In 1897, under Rev. J. J. Mayer, the present Gothic church was erected for $15,000. The Franciscan Sisters began the school in 1873. Rev. John F. Lauer built the 2-story stone school in 1889 and Rev. John Kaiser enlarged it. It burned in 1921 and was rebuilt by Father August Frisch for $26,000. Sts. Peter and Paul, Pine Hollow, was a mission of St. Mary's in 1868. A tornado destroyed it in 1875 so a stone church was built 3 years later and enlarged in 1896. IN 1886, Father Haverstadt became resident. They built the school in 1893.

The missionary work spread northward. St. Paul's at Bloomer was built in 1876 and the Franciscan school, in 1890. Sacred Heart at Eau Claire was built in 1880 under Rev. Jos. Boehm. Rev. Kaiser from St Mary's became pastor of St. Charles, Chippewa, and dedicated the Holy Ghost there in 1927.

Family Names
In moving from one country to another, family names are often changed or simplified to fit the new language, as the following show: Ruesch-Rush; Nauendorff-Nondorf; Blessingh-Blessing; Witzig-Witsick; Kolve-Kolwei; Hying-Hing; and so on. For that reason family shields are difficult to trace. In the following cases so many shield were given that it was impossible to know which was the correct line without more historical background: Huebner [17], Imhoff [14], Kramer [15], Kurtz [5], Martin [77], Richter [16], Walker [6], and Wacker [7]. In other cases such as: Bernaman, Eiling, Heymach, Hunk, Hying, Kisting, Kreul, Lamke, Pierick, Richgels, Schauf and Wienkers, etc. no shields were given. Names taken from places are easier to trace as Wesseling or Wiehling.

The origin of the name "Kroll" is not clear. That spelling does not appear until the 1700s in Prussia in connection with military service, however, it may be one of the forms Krull took [Kroll, Krell, Krull, Kreul, Krall]. Hans Drull was assigned his shield showing the head of a child, on July 1, 1450 in Coln. Joseph from Eberfeld is mentioned in 1697 whose descendent was Heinrich Krull, rector in Erfurt, b. April 16, 1854, obviously not our line. Johann and Wofgang Krell received their shield from Kaiser Karl on January 17, 1551 at Augsburg. The Krell shield is similar to the Kroll shield except that a unicorn is used instead of a deer and the helmet is seen sidewise. The Krall shield also has a deer. The other Krolls who came to the U.S. about the same time and settled in Adams County [Illinois], Chicago, Pennsylvania, etc., were Protestant. There is also a Danish line of Krolls as well as a Jewish and a Polish [shortened from Krolikowski]. The card catalogue for German books reveals a good many writers, musicians and scientists by that name. One Joseph Kroll, Munster, 1914, is probably a direct relative. This should be a challenge to continue research along this line.

The story goes that a French Lord's daughter, Venus van Venne, eloped with a German soldier, Peter Pierick, during the Seven Years War, waged between Prussia and other European powers for the possession of Silesia from 1756-63 which finally ended with each power receiving what it had before the war. As might be expected under those conditions, Venus was cast from her home for marrying beneath her. Although she was reared in luxury, she learned to do all her own work. Their son, Herman, was the father of Gertrude Pierick, who was b. at Munster, Westphalia on November 25, 1862, whom we shall use as one of the keystones for this study.

At the same time, in approximately the same section of Westphalia near Gros-Reken, Bernard Henry Eiling and Mary Christine Blessingh were m. and became the parents of Anna Eiling, the other keystone for this study.

About 1879, Gertrude Pierick and Anna Eiling, who had been friends in Germany, came to the U.S. together on the S.S. General Vernon [one report says Germania?] They took the train to Mineral Point, the nearest station, and a wagon from there to Highland. Since other people from that section of Germany had migrated to southwestern Wisconsin ever since Celastine Kaltenback had begun lead mining there in 1832 and Father Fusch established a Catholic church at Dutch Holly [Tennyson] in 1845, they settled among friends. The family records of their ancestors and descendants follow.

** Some names are listed more than once. Many of the following persons are buried in the St. Anthony's Cemetery of Highland, Iowa Co, Wisconsin - noted with the initials SAC

The Christine Nondorf I - Barbara Gessner - Anthony Kroll I Family
    Elizabeth Kroll - Joseph Kreul Family
    Kathryn Kroll - Francis Martin Family
    Cresentia Kroll - John Jansen Family
    Anna Bunszel - Frank Kroll Family
    Anna Eiling - John Kroll Family
    Christine Nondorf II - Anthony Kroll II Family
    Theresa Kroll - Henry Wienkers Family
    Theresa Eiling - Bernard Kroll Family
    Theresa Gessner - Kasper Kroll Family
The Elizabeth Blessing - Aloysius Eiling Family
    Elizabeth Eiling - Bernard Wessling Family
    Anna Eiling - John Kroll Family
The Christina Wehling - Henry Richgels Family
    Mary Eva Kremer - Joseph Bunzel Family
    Clara Kroll - Henry Richgels Family
The Anna Katherine Wehling - Herman Pierick I Family
    Mayme Devoe - Barbara Kobitisch - John H. Pierick Family
    Gertrude Pierick - Anthony Nondorf - Henry Albrecht Family

The Anna Eiling - John Kroll Family
    Elizabeth Kroll - Oliver Richter Family
    Gertrude Nondorf - Henry Kroll Family
    Barbara Kroll - William Esser Family
    Mayme Kroll - Anton Kroll Family
    Clara Kroll - Henry Richgels Family
    Octavia Kroll - Roland Felton Family

The Gertrude Pierrick - Anthony Nondorf - Henry Albrecht Family
    Christine Nondorf II - Anthony Kroll II Family
    Gertrude Nondorf - Henry Kroll Family
    Anna Lincheid - Anthony Nondorf II Family
    Elizabeth Schauf - Bernard Nondorf Family
    Anna Willman - Joseph Albrecht Family
    Gertrude Wacker - William Albrecht Family
    Hildegarde Albrecht - Carl Hing Family

The Christine Nondorf I - Anthony Kroll I Family
Christine [Feb 12, 1839 - May 14, 1881 [*buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery, Highland - CPO] ], John II, Marie ? and Sister Cresetia were the children of Elizabeth Wehling [Wieling?] and John Nondorf I. Christine was light complexioned and short. Anthony [Patern, Germany [*13 Apr - CPO] 1831-May 8, 1894 [*buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery, Highland - CPO]] was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. His father went to America and was not heard from again. Anthony came to the U.S. in 1856. Christine and Anthony walked 50 miles from Dry Bone to Galena, Illinois to be m. by Father Mazzachelli. Anthony owned a 1200 acre farm, about 5 miles southwest of Highland, which was subsequently divided among his children, a mine called Whim Diggins where black jack and dry bone were mined at wages from 75c to $1.00 per day, and a general merchandise store at Dry Bone in partnership with Pierick. In 1878 he became postmaster of Highland, at which time Anthony Kreul was postmaster of Centerville, a town established in 1836 which lost to its rival town, Highland.

When Christine died at 42 years of age, Anthony m. Barbara Gessner [1854-March 29, 1935] whose parents were Anna Marie [1826-1905] and Michael [1825-1882] Gessner of Germany. Barbara's sister Theresa, m. Kasper Kroll and Katherine m. John Giltner.

Children of Christine and Anthony:

  1. ELIZABETH - b. May 7, 1860. m. Joe Kreul [1858-1936 CPO]
  2. JOHN - b. May 14, 1861. m. Anna Eiling
  3. KATHERINE - b. January 13, 1868. m. Frank Martin.
  4. FRANCIS - aka. Frank b. June 1871. m. Anna Bunzel
  5. ANTHONY II - March 26, 1876. m. Christine Nondorf II
  6. CRESENTIA - b. March 23, 1884. m. John Jansen whose descendants now live Iowa
Children of second marriage - Barbara Gessner and Anthony:
  1. ANNA - m. Andrew Bunzel - Children: Henry and Henrietta [twins] and Amina
  2. THERESA - April 26, 1889. m. Henry Wienkers
  3. BERNARD - m. Theresa Wienkers
  4. MAYME - m. Anthony Kruel, son of Smool Kreul, who was a cousin of B. H. Kreul

The names of B. H. Kreul and Nondorf are also linked as owning a store. Bernard Henry Kreul was b. in Westphalia in 1848. His father, Bernard, came to Highland in 1852, then sent for his wife and son. The children b. here were: Mary - Sr. Josepha, a Sister of Mercy; Katie - m. B. Benjamin; Rosina - m. Albert Hasselhoff; John; and Joseph. Kreul and Kroll are not used interchangeably although there is a relationship through the marriage of Joe Kreul to Elizabeth Kroll and there may have originally.

When Albert Potter died, Adelheit m. John Nondorf II, and brought along the capital to set up the stores in Centerville and Highland. Their children were: John III, Bernard, Mary, Stephen and Joseph. John III m. Mary Lampe, who m. Peter Steppler when John died. Albert's sister, Katherine, m. Herman Pierick and the adopted sister, Mary, m. an Altmeier.

Christine's sister [Mary?] became Mrs. Gutweiler. When he died, she m. Ferger and had 3 children, John, William and Marie. When he died, Mrs. Gutweiler Ferger m. Sebastian Munz. Their daughter, Katie m. Harry Fecht and had 3 children, Rita, Magdaline, and a son. Jacob Fecht, Harry's father, was b. in Potasi, Wisconsin on April 1, 1852. He ran the Blackney House at Highland and served on the Board of Trustees. His parents, Nicholas and Dorothea, were pioneers. Jacob m. Eliza Lampe, daughter of B. Henry and Katrina Lampe.

Elizabeth Kroll - Joseph H. Kreul Family
Elizabeth and Joseph, son of Rosina Lacing and Bernard Kreul, were m. in October 1878 at Highland and lived near Montfort, Wisconsin.

Children of Elizabeth and Joseph:

  1. BERNARD - Died?
  2. CHRISTINE - m. George Martin, nephew of Frank Martin
  3. KATHRYN - m. Ed Kramer
  4. JOHN - died in adolescence
  6. HENRY
  7. CLARA - m. Ray Niebur

Kathryn m. Ed Kramer, son of Kathryn Siefert and Edmund Kramer, in 1920 at Highland. Rev Biesner read the services and Josephine Kramer and John Kreul were witnesses. From Centerville they moved to Highland on November 12, 1912. Their children are Ramell, who m. Mr. Rock and has a daughter, Jackquile Jane; and Leona, who m. Mr. Bartle and has 2 daughters, Marline and Patsy Ann.

Kathryn Kroll - Francis Martin Family
Both of Frank's parents, Katherine Heller and Frank Martin were b. in France but lived in Germany. Frank [Jan 1, 1865-Oct 1,1914] and Kathryn were m. on April 21, 1888 at Highland by Rev. Wambolt with Anna Martin and Frank Kroll as witnesses. They have always lived on the 100 acre farm near Highland, given to Kathryn by her father, Anthony Kroll I.

Hildegarde, Frank Martin, Kathryn, Kathryn Kroll-Martin w/ Edith, and Anthony. ca. 1907

Children of Kathryn and Francis:

  1. KATHRYN - 26 Sept 1894 m. William Mess. Lived in Dubuque, Iowa
  2. FRED - 18 Dec 1896 - 24 July 1901 *** Struck by lightning in the family home.
  3. ANTHONY - 8 Nov 1897 - 1971 m. Mabel A Harms 1899-1990 Both buried at St. Anthony's Cemetery in Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin
  4. EDITH - 4 Oct 1906 m. Howard White, Attny at Law. Lived in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
  5. HILDEGARDE - 16 Jan 1904 - 30 Jan 1974 m. Philip Greibe [6 Jan 1903 - 4 Jun 1982] in Galena, Illinois on 5 Feb 1925. Both buried at St Mary's Cemetery in Galena. Philip Greibe was the son of Michael Greibe and Ellen Reilly [and grandson of Joseph Greibe - Civil War veteran.] The Greibe family lived in Galena. They attended St. Mary's Catholic Church. Philip and Hildegarde had 8 children:
    • Lucille [1926-2006] [m 1947 Thomas Fleming [1924-2005] - 1 child, Sandy;
    • Philip ;
    • Beatrice [m Edmund O'Neill 1919-1987] - 2 children - Susan, Stephen;
    • Pauline [1931-1981] m 1952 Raymond Lake [1923-1972] 4 children - Gary, Dennis, Connie, Montgomery;
    • Darlene [m William Ray] - 2 children - Daniel, Sherry;
    • John [m 1959 MaryAnn Buman 1940-2004] 3 children- William; David, Cynthia;
    • Susan [m James Buman] 4 children - Kathy, Diane, Christine, Lisa;
    • William [1942-1943]

    Corrected birth dates on Hildegarde and Edith. -- Connie Eccles, of CPO [daughter of Pauline Greibe and Raymond Lake, above]

    KateHildeEdithTony.jpg - 7192 Bytes
    Tony, Hilde, Kate, Edith Martin. Note on back of picture postcard says to:
    Miss Katherine Gettner, Montfort, Wisconsin from Mother.

    Cresentia Kroll - John Jansen Family
    Cresentia was m. to John, whose mother was Christina Haselhoff, at Highland by Rev. Wambolt in May 1892 with Anna Jansen and Frank Kroll as witnesses. About 1910 the family moved to Mason City, Iowa.

    Children of Cresentia and John:

    1. CHRISTINA - 1894
    2. BARBARA - 1896
    3. MARY - 1897
    4. BURNEDETTA - 1898
    5. VERONA - 1900
    6. FRANCIS - 1902
    7. CLARA - 1905
    8. ANTHONY - Died at about 5 years
    9. VIRGIL - 1911
    10. RAMON - 1913
    11. LORETTA - Died at 1 year.
    12. EVELYN - 1917

    Anna Bunszel - Frank Kroll Family
    Frank m. Anna on August 20, 1895 at Highland. Father Wambold read the services and Lizzie Bunszel and Anthony Kroll were witnesses. They first lived at Centerville, then in 1901, moved to the Nick Stiel farm 2 1/2 miles from Highland, and in 1937, moved to Highland.

    Anna's parents were Johanna Witzic and John Bunzel. Anna was b. August 13, 1870. Frank was b. Jan 13, 1871 and attended college at Prairie du Chien 1 year. Anna's sister, Kate m. Anton Richgels.

    Children of Anna and Frank

    1. JOHN F. "JACK" - He m. Genevieve Doyle, daughter of Mary McGinley [daughter of Margaret Powell and John McGinley] and Patrick Doyle [son of Jane Lynch and Patrick Doyle] on Oct 31, 1925 at Spring Green with Rev C.B. Weikmann officiating and Eva Doyle and Andrew Kroll as witnesses. They first lived at Montford, then Highland and moved to Dodgeville on July 1, 1930. Their children are: Patrick John 1927, Mary Ann 1928, Kathryn 1935, and John 1938.
    2. LAURENA - Aug 28, 1897 She m. John "Bis" Eiling [Oct 15, 1892] on Oct 12, 1915 at Highland with Rev Biersner officiating and Ora Wessling and John Kroll attending. Their children are: Yvonne Ann, April 6, 1918 m. Clay Mellor May 25, 1936 and John Jr. Apr 3, 1926
    3. ODELIA - She m. Darwin Smeltzer, son of Elizabeth Wiley 1866-1934 [daughter of Barbara and Lewis Wiley] and George Smeltzer 1853-1938 [son of John Smeltzer] at Highland on June 2, 1923. Father Arentz read the services and Wilma Richgels and Andrew Kroll were witnesses. Their children are: Evangeline, Lauren and Delwin.
    4. ANDREW - Feb 22, 1904. He m. Gladys Pierick [b. July 4, 1910] who is the daughter of Emma McCarthy [daughter of Mary Nolan and Thomas McCarthy] and Henry Pierick [son of Catherine Potter and Herman Pierick]. The marriage service was performed by Father Doyle of St. Patrick's church at Highland on Nov 26, 1932 with Magdalen Pierick and Geral Kroll attending. They live at Highland. Their children are: Donna Mary, Jan 7, 1933; John William, Mar 31, 1934; Shirley Ann, Aug, 24, 1935; and Raymond Andrew, Oct 22, 1937.
    5. GERALD B. - He was m. to Anna Marie Imhoff, daughter of Katherine Hebgen [daughter of Mary Imhoff and Peter Hebgen] and Louis Imhoff [son of Mary Lampe and Henry Imhoff] on Nov 9, 1938 by Father Goetzmann with Florence and Delbert Imhoff as witnesses. They live at Highland. Their daughter Kathlee Ann was b. Nov 12, 1939.
    6. FRANCIS - June 26, 1907 - Mar 14, 1917.

    Theresa Kroll - Henry Wienkers Family
    Theresa m. Henry [b Oct 20, 1883] son of Gertrude Labor and Henry [1843-1925] on Jan 7, 1908 at Highland with Father Wambold officiating and Gertrude Wienkers and Bernard Kroll witnessing.

    The Wienkers [Wienkes] family was quite interrelated with our family. Mary Wienkes of Hanover m. Michael Kasper, b. in Nassau, Germany, in 1839 and came to America in 1866. He was in business in Highland in 1874. Their children were: Mary A. m Willie Miller; Theresa; Anna M. m Muldoaney; Josephine; Katie and Lena. Another of Mary's sisters, Anna m. H. Kotte. Theresa Wienkes m. Henry Eiling. There was also a brother, Bernard. Mary's daughter, Katie m. Pete Richter.

    Children of Theresa and Henry:

    1. LEONA BARBARA - Oct 9, 1908 m. Thomas Callahan children: Mary Ellen, Apr 15, 1936; Ann Therese, May 24, 1937; and Janet Claire, June 28, 1938.
    2. MARY GERTRUDE - Aug 18, 1910
    3. FRANCIS JOHN - July 23, 1912 m Blanche Nechvatel children: Charles, June 29, 1937; Karen, June 26, 1938; Marilyn Aug 28, 1939.

    Theresa Eiling - Bernard Kroll Family
    Theresa's father, Henry Eiling [Dec 13, 1849 - Feb 14, 1927] m. her mother, Theresa Wienkers [May 22, 1853-June 14, 1931] on Nov 22, 1881. Her grandparents were Johanna and Bernard Eiling of Westphalia, and Mary and Bernard Wienkers of Hanover, Germany.

    Bernard [b Nov 30, 1891] and Theresa [b Feb 1, 1890] were m. on May 4, 1915 at Highland by Rev Biersner with Bernard Eiling and Mayme Kroll as witnesses. They first lived on a farm near Highland but in March 1916 they moved near Dry Bone.

    Children of Theresa and Bernard:

    1. BERNARD - Aug 11, 1916 - Dec 31, 1918
    2. LUCILLE - Aug 31, 1918 Attended Platteville Normal
    3. CLETUS - June 23, 1921
    4. EARL - Apr 7, 1923
    5. KATHRYN - Aug 13, 1924
    6. PAUL - Sep 6, 1928 - Sep 10, 1928
    7. DELBERT - Oct 10, 1931
    8. LOUIS - June 29, 1933

    Theresa Gessner - Kasper Kroll Family
    Kasper was a nephew of Anthony Kroll I. He spoke a different German [high] from the other Krolls so his mother must have been from different stock. Theresa was a sister to Barbara, Anthony Kroll's second wife.

    Children of Theresa and Kasper:

    1. BARBARA
    2. ANTHONY "FUZZIE" m. Mayme Kroll
    3. FRANK
    4. JOE - d. 1937 Served in World War I
    5. EMMA
    6. HENRY
    7. VERONA

    Elizabeth Blessing - Aloysius Eiling Family
    Elizabeth and Aloysius lived on a large farm in Germany where they spun their wool, wove their linen and knit their own clothing. On the corner of their land was a little church to which a long, lower addition was built about which there was the following advertisement: "Die Waldkapelle und die Eremitage bei Gros-Reken. Ortskundliche Studie nach alten Handschriften von Dr. Phil Hogrebe, Lehrer zu Gros-Reken." Anna Eiling kept house for the priest [Kafadayet?] there before coming to America about 1879. Henry, Elizabeth and Aloysius had come about 5 years previously. The two oldest children stayed in Germany. Anna received a letter from her nephew, William Eiling, in 1923 from Gros-Reken, Kreis, Borken in Westphalia, Deutschland in which he mentions Aunt Bruns[?], Aunt Elizabeth, a son and a daughter who died. Anna corresponded with her cousin, a priest, Pfarrer Blessing, at Schaephuysen, Kreis, Mares, Deutchland. There is also a record about Heinrich Eiling, b. Jun 28, 1885 at Gros-Reken and died Mar 17, 1924 in the Dreikonigen Hospital in Koln, Mulheim, from the results of the war. Otherwise little is known about the relatives in Germany.

    Children of Elizabeth and Aloysius:

    1. BERNARD - 7 sons and 5 daughters, died at 78 in Germany.
    2. MARGARET CHRISTINE - m. 3 times, Brown, Nagel, Bruns [?]. Had a son, Herman [died during the war?] and 2 daughters.
    3. HENRY - m Theresa Wienkers children: Mary d. at 7 years; Anna m. Jack Pepper, children: Lawrence and Veronica [jack's father, John, was b. at Mineral Point, was a clerk for D.T. Parker at 15, went to California in 1854 and returned to start business with Callis in Lancaster, bought the Barnett House in Boscobel in 1859 which was later under Parker, Hildbrand and Pepper until 1865 and then went into livestock business at Boscobel]; Lizzie d. March 15, 1926 m. Elijah Higgins children: John; Francis and Earnest; Agnes; Censie - m. Roy Martens children: Mary and a son; Theresa - m. Ben Kroll; Katie - m. Earnest Rasque children: Margaret; and Ben who had 3 girls.
    4. ELIZABETH - 1856 - Mar 1922 m Bernard Wessling.
    5. ANNA - July 31, 1858 - May 19, 1924. Came to America when 21 m. John Kroll
    6. ALOYSIUS II - 1863-Jan 10, 1939 m. Lizette Martin [Frank's sister] 1861-July 28, 1939, daughter of Kathryn Heller and Frank Martin. children: Kate m. Henry Bernaman, lived in Mason City, Iowa; Frank m Gertrude Wienkes; Julia m Willie Kopps; and John m. Laureen Kroll.
    7. WILLIAM? - died at 21 from TB [tuberculosis]

    Elizabeth Eiling - Bernard Wessling Family
    Siebmacher in his "Wappenbuch" records the Blessinghs as coming from Sweden on Nov 18, 1743. Elizabeth's father Aloysius Eiling, had served in the army. Both Elizabeth and Bernard were b. in Gros Reken, Westphalia. Bernard died in 1898 leaving a family of 12.

    Children of Elizabeth and Bernard:

    1. ALOYSIUS - 1881-1937
    2. ANNA - m. George Wievel. Their first son died; the next Herbert, b 1908, attended Platteville Normal and Northwestern University. Works in Chicago; Fidilis Bernard "Friday" Platteville Normal, coaches athletics at Cudahay, Wisconsin; and Alois 1915, m. Gordon Millman and has two sons.
    3. CATHERINE ELIZABETH - died in infancy.
    4. JOHN - Dec 8, 1882. Works for American Express in Chicago.
    5. ELIZABETH "LEE" - Nov 4, 1884 m. H. Wilson Reed. She lives in Chicago.
    6. MAYME - Mar 4, 1886. m. Orlie Leslie, died 1926. The name Leslie is of Scottish origin in connection with military service. children: Bernard "Bunny" 1913, m. a girl from Madison and has a daughter Catherine Lee; Catherine 1915; Phyllis 1920; and a baby who died in infancy
    7. STEPHEN - Died in infancy.
    8. JOSEPH - Died in 1911 when a young man with tuberculosis.
    9. CATHERINE CRESENTIA - Owns a millinery shop in Chicago
    10. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH "SADIE" - Died Aug 6, 1909 at 15 years, 11 mo. of tuberculosis.
    11. HERBERT - m. Esther Longendike; owns a tavern at Marion, Iowa.
    12. ORA - 1898 m. Chauncey Moore and has a son, Tom

    Christina Wehling - Henry Richgels Family
    Christian [Catherine?] and Henry were m. in Germany. When the youngest son, Joe, was 2 weeks old Christina died. After several years, Henry m. a Miss Barlo but had no children by her.

    Children by Christina and Henry:

    1. JOHN - m. Josephine Thierer. Children John, Lizzie, Will, Josephine.
    2. HENRY John - m. Mary Gunn.
    3. CHRISTINA - m. George Dax. Children: Anna, Henry, Tony, Kate, more?
    4. ANTON - m. Catherine Bunzel, daughter of John Bunzel and Johanne Witsick, whose siblings were: John; Joe; Anna m Frank Kroll; Frank - died; Catherine; Elizabeth m Barney Richgels; Andrew m Anne Kroll; and Mayme m John Chaney. Their children are: Henry m Clara Kroll; Urban m Gayle Smeltzer Children: Cleighton, Marlyn, Neva and Carol; Anthony - died; Wilma m Del Winters, children: Jean and Valeria; Francis - died; Lawrence m Rose Berger Children: Judith and Raymond m. Eva Oxford.
    5. MARY - m. Henry Topp
    6. BARNEY 13 Nov 1875 - May 1969 (SSDI) - m. Elizabeth Bunzel. Children: Walter ca 1902, Robert, Wilbur ca 1906, Anthony ca 1907, Adeline ca. 1909 [a nun], Leonard ca 1911, Bernadine ca 1915, Lawrus ca 1917, Francis ca 1920, Jerome ca. 1923. (Info from Gene Richgels and census records 6.13.2005)
    7. ALBERT - m. Elizabeth Devoe, large family. (Sister of Mayme Devoe) Children: Alfred, Hubert, Harold, Edna
    8. JOSEPH - m. Mary Ruchti [widow] Children: Norma, Erwin, more.

    Mary Eva Kremer - Joseph Bunzel Family
    Joseph, son of Johanne Witsick and John Bunzel [Bunszel?] [son of Andrew Bunzel] m. Mary Eva, daughter of Eve Hauck [whose mother was a Mantel] and Michael Kremer on Jan 24, 1892 at Holy Trinity church in Boston, Massachusetts. Father Nopper read the services and Anna Dittmar and Joseph Kohler were witnesses. They first lived at Roxbury, then 1895 at Jamaica Plain and on Aug 1, 1927 they moved to Roslindale, Mass.

    Children of Mary Eva and Joseph:

    1. MARY CATHERINE - Oct 24, 1892 m. Mr. Albrecht, son of Barbara Scroepfer and John Carl Albrecht. Children: Rita Emma b 1919 m. Foley; John Carl 1920; Edward Francis 1921; and Mary Barbara 1923.
    2. EMMA ELIZABETH - Feb 2, 1894
    3. FRANCES HELEN - Aug 10, 1896
    4. CAROLINE WILHELMINA - Dec 10, 1898 m. Walter Francis Grover, son of Elizabeth Wiseman and Jessie John Grover.
    5. JOHN JOSEPH - Nov 27, 1902
    6. HENRY ANTHONY - Nov 1, 1904 m. Sarah Helen Doherty, daughter of Sarah Kelly and James Doherty. Children: Audrey Helen 1928; Henry Anthony, Jr 1929; Robert Paul 1931; Barbara Ann 1933; Marylyn Irene 1934; Patricia Marie 1935; Joseph John 1937 and James Edward 1939.
    7. GERTRUDE ROSE - Apr 13, 1908 m. Joseph E. Carroll of Hyde Park, Mass., whose parents were Mary Finn and Michael Carroll. Children Joan Marie 1935; Paul Joseph 1936; and Barbara Ann 1939.

    Anna Katherine Wehling - Herman Pierick I Family
    Anna Katherine was the daughter of Anna Katherine Kolwei and Ortwin Wehling, whose sister Elizabeth m. John Nondorf and another relative Christina m. Richgels. By his first marriage to Miss Nievert [?], the children of Herman Pierick I, son of Peter Pierick and Venus van Cenne, were Herman, John and Christine, who m. Frank Williams, who had previously been m. to a Miss Topp and was related to Menkes. By his second marriage to Anna Katherine Wehling, his children were Bernard, Francis, Agnes, Gertrude who m. Anthony Nondorf and Henry. The eldest son, Herman II was b. in Germany in 1840 and came to the America in 1868. He was a partner in the Kroll and Pierick Merchandise Store at Dry Bone. His children from his marriage to Katie Potter of Highland were: Anthony, Herman III, Albert, John, Mary, Katherine, Henry, and Gertrude, Sister Primus.

    Mayme Devoe - Barbara Kobitisch - John H. Pierick Family
    The children of Mayme [1st wife] and John were:

    1. URBAN Had 1 son.
    2. LEO
    3. BEATRICE m.. Had 1 daughter.
    John m. his second wife, Barbara, daughter of Caroline [daughter of Lucy and Vincent Auel of Germany] and Matthew Kobitisch of Austria, in 1915 in Chicago. They were m. by Rev Pipp and with Gertrude Pierick and Roco Dustruct as witnesses and lived at Highland.

    Children of Barbara [2nd wife] and John:

    1. JOHN
    2. ALICE & Twin [who died in infancy]
    3. MARY JO
    4. JAMES Injured when a small child.

    Anna Eiling - John Kroll Family
    Anna Eiling, daughter of Elizabeth [Margaret?] Blessing and Aloysius Eiling, was b. at Gros-Reken on Jul 31, 1857 and died at the Madison Hospital on May 9, 1924. John Kroll was b. May 14, 1861 at Highland and died there May 7, 1938. They were m. on Feb 14, 1881 following which they lived on the present Oliver Richter place for 9 years. They then moved to Highland for 3 years and then to the hilly, fertile farm 3 1/2 miles west of Highland in section 36, town 7, range 1 where they worked side by side in the fields from dawn until dusk for the next 21 years. Anna was distinctly an outdoor woman; she cared little about the fineness of their food and clothing. Beside giving birth to 7 children and rearing 6 of them, she coped for many years with one of the common problems of the time among the miners, that of a drinking husband but he finally overcame the habit. Luckily, his example turned his children against drinking.

    When the children were grown, in about 1917, they bought the Joseph Thierer house on the large lot on West Spring Street in Highland. Their trim, white house became the meeting place for their children and families when they came to church on Sundays, or to shop or go to school during the week. Almost every family sent at least 1, if not all of their children to stay with "Grandma" while going to St. Anthony's Elementary School or Highland High School.

    Children of Anna and John:

    1. SON - Died in infancy
    2. ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" Nov 20, 1884 m. O. Richter.
    3. HENRY - Oct 9, 1885 m. G. Nondorf
    4. BARBARA - Oct 5, 1888 m. William Esser
    5. MARY "MAYME" - 1892 m. Anton Kroll
    6. CLARA - Oct 1, 1896 m. Henry Richgels
    7. OCTAVIA RUTH - June 2, 1900 m. Roland Felton.

    Elizabeth Kroll - Oliver Richter Family
    Elizabeth m. Oliver [b. Nov 17, 1887] on May 1, 1906 at Highland. Father Wambold read the services and Henry Kroll and Esther Richter were witnesses. Oliver, Esther and Joseph were the children of Leona Walker and Joseph Richter, b. at Homer and Highland, Wisconsin, respectively. Her parents were Isabel and Newcomb Walker. In 1914 they bought the farm near Highland, once owned by John Kroll.

    Children of Elizabeth and Oliver:

    1. ELMA ANNA LEONA - Aug 31, 1909 She m. Edgar Jenkins, son of Milton Jenkins of Louisville, KY on Mar 31, 1932 at Highland. Father Arentz officiated and George Esser and Mildred Richter were witnesses. The first two years they lived near Fennimore, then moved to Highland. Their children are: carlos, b Oct 15, 1932; Gordon b Apr 29, 1936; and twins Mary and Marilyn b Aug 14, 1937
    2. MILDRED MYRTLE - July 31, 1914
    3. KATHLEEN ANNA - May 13, 1922

    Gertrude Nondorf - Henry Kroll Family
    Henry m. Gertrude "Kate" Nondorf on July 14, 1908 at St. Anthony's Church at Highland. Father Biersner officiated and Anthony Nondorf II and Barbara Kroll were witnesses. The family first lived at Highland, then moved to the Fitzsimmons farm near Dodgeville in 1910, from where they moved to the Tschermack place near Malvina the winter of 1914. In June 1921, they traded for the William Payne farm 8 miles south of Weyerhaeuser, the house of which had been built by Sandfords, sold to Hurleys and then to Paynes.

    Children of Gertrude and Henry:

    1. ELEANOR GERTRUDE GENEVIEVE - Apr 25, 1909, She was graduated from the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, [Minnesota?] in 1930 with a major in mathematics and minors in art and English, and had finished her courses for a Master's Degree in Education at the University of Chicago and was working on her thesis in 1939. She taught Weyerhaeuser High School from 1930-33, did art work in Chicago until 1937 and did research on the Index of American Design, taught art and physical education at the West Allis, Wisconsin Senior High School in 1937-38, was Health Integrator at St. Xavier College, Chicago, in 1938-39 and took the position on Director of Girls' Work at the University of Chicago Settlement in October 1939.
    2. KATHERINE "KAY" MARGARET - Nov 24, 1910 m. Mar 11, 1935 in Union, MO to Lucien Collins Laswell, the son of Dr. James L. Laswell and Mae Collins of Decatur. Dr Laswell, son of Henry Laswell and Julia Downing, was b., with his twin, Sam, on Dec 28, 1865 at Oscalusie, Illinois. He had a sister: Luite who m. Will McWilliams and a sister Alma who m. Maurice Nelms. Mae Collins, b. at Greenburg, Indiana, was the daughter of Licurigus Collins and Josephine King. Her siblings were Bertha and John, who died in infancy, and Illini who died at 18. Lucien was b. at Alma, Illinois on Aug 23, 1899 and his brother, Dr. Donald Licurigus Laswell, an orthodontist in Chicago, was b. on April 13, 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The children of Lucien and Kay are: Kay Mae b Jan 5 1936, Decatur; and Lucien Kroll Laswell b Oct 10, 1939.
    3. NICHOLAS HENRY "HARRY" - June 4, 1912 m. Eleanor Kernwein, daughter of Meta B Heymach, a dressmaker, who was b. in Germany Dec 12, 1875 and came to America at 13, and an army officer there, Anthony B Kernwein [June 5, 1870-Sep 26, 1933] Her grandparents, Dorothy, who was an artist of French origin, and Peter Kernwein, lived in Germany. John Jacob Heymach was b. in Frankfort-am-Main, Dec 25, 1846 and died on May 8, 1885 from the effects of the war in which he served in 1781. His wife, Katherine Kulcher was b. May 15, 1848 in Erbach Odenwalkd and died May 18, 1912 at Bruce, Wisconsin from gallstones. Katherine's mother was a Huebner. Eleanor and Harry were m. on Nov 28, 1934 by Father Topolski at Weyerhaeuser with Alice Kernwein and Karl Kroll as witnesses. They now live on an 80 acre farm south of Island Lake. Anita Eleanor was b. Dec 18, 1936.
    4. WILLIAM JOHN - Jan 28, 1914- Jan 30, 1914
    5. KARL EDWIN JOSEPH - Mar 13, 1916 he stayed with Gertrude Kroll Otterson.
    6. PAUL JEROME - Mar 21, 1918.
    7. ELIZABETH OLIVE - Oct 11, 1920.
    8. JOHN DONALD - Apr 1, 1923
    9. MARIANITA "MAYME" - Dec 21, 1925
    10. GEORGIANNA RUTH - Nov 1, 1931

    Barbara Kroll - William Esser Family
    William is the son of Christine Otter and Peter Esser. Her parents were Lawrence and Catherine Otter who lived in Germany. William was b. Jul 16, 1886, a carpenter and a farmer. He and Barbara were m. by Rev August Biersner at St. Anthony's in Highland on May 2, 1911 with Lawrence Esser and Mary Kroll witnesses. They live near Highland on a piece of land originally owned by Anthony Kroll I.

    Children of Barbara and William:

    1. GEORGE - Feb 22, 1912. He m. Florence Lamke [Apr 19, 1913] daughter of Marie Louisa Gottschall and Charles Albert Lamke. Her grandparents were Henrietta Kurtz and Ferdinand Lamke, and Whilmena Harms and William Gottschall. Her siblings are Ervin [b ca 1900], Aliva, Sylvester, Marvin and Ruth [b ca 1912]. Florence and George were m. by Rev Goetzman at the St. Anthony Parsonage in Highland on Nov 23, 1937 with Robert Esser and Aliva Lamke witnesses. They bought a home on the outskirts of Highland from where George runs a school bus and a trucking business. Both are musically inclined. Their son, Glenn Adrian was b. Jan 9, 1939.
    2. VIRGINIA - July 3, 1913. She went two years to Platteville Normal and teaches elementary school.
    3. ROBERT - Sep 15, 1915. Farming.
    4. MARY - Sep 3, 1917. Waitress.
    5. LA VERNE - Dec 29, 1922
    6. JOSEPH - Sep 8, 1925.
    7. ANNA KATHRYN - Jan 9, 1927

    Mayme Kroll - Anton Kroll Family
    Anton, b. in Boston, Mass., Oct 1, 1891, is the son of Kasper Kroll, a cousin of John Kroll, who was b. in Berlin in 1865 and died near Highland on Aug 11, 1925 and Theresa Gessner who was b. in Germany in 1867. Anton "Fuzzy" and Mary "Mayme" were m. on April 20, 1915 at Highland by Father Biersner with Octavia Kroll and Joe Kreul as witnesses. First they lived at Highland, then Montfort, the Ontarion where the children were b. after which they moved near Mosinee in Marathon Co.

    Children of Mayme and Anton:

    1. GLADYS - May 5, 1917. m. Roman Gorski on Feb 6, 1937 at Mosinee. Rev Cysewski officiated and the following were witnesses: Stanley Zalewski, Mary Wakmonski, Clarence Kroll and Haline Gralewicz. The son, Gene S. was b. Oct 30, 1937 in Milwaukee but they returned to Mosinee soon afterwards. Roman's parents, Zygmund Gorski, b Aug 8, 1883, and Bloeslawa Ziolkowski, Jan 1, 1874-July 30, 1936, were b. in Poland and settled on a farm near Mosinee, Wisconsin.
    2. CLARENCE - Feb 15, 1919. Farming.

    Clara Kroll - Henry Richgels Family
    Clara and Henry were m. on May 11, 1915 at Highland by Rev Biersner with Octavia Kroll and Urban Richgels as witnesses. They have always lived on the John Kroll farm. Henry, a tall, curly-haired brunette, was b. on Aug 14, 1894 at Dry Bone, Wisconsin. His parents were Kate Bunzel who died Sep 28, 1928 at 56 years, and Anton Richgels who died Oct 19, 1928 at 61 years and his grandparent were Christina [Catherine?] Wehling and Henry Richgels, and Johanna Witsick [Wizic] who was b. in Poland and died Aug 17, 1887, and John Bunzel who was also b. in Poland and died July 28, 1907.

    Children of Clara and Henry are:

    1. MADALEN - b. Jan 29, 1917 in Castle Rock, Grant Co.
    2. MARION - Twin b. July 25, 1918.
    3. MELVIN - Twin b. July 25, 1918
    4. ELAINE - Aug 29, 1922
    5. HARVEY - Apr 14, 1924
    6. JOYCE ANNE - Apr 21, 1926

    Octavia Kroll - Roland Felton Family
    Roland m. Octavia Nov 8, 1934 at Belvidere, Illinois with Justice of the Peace, William Bowley, officiating. The have lived in Madison from that time on.

    Roland's parents were Bertha Elder who was b. in the Town Ridgewood, Aug 3, 1883 and died at Madison, Feb 29, 1928, and Oliver H. Felton, b. at Marion, Indiana, Mar 4, 1873 and died at Madison, Jan 1929. His mother's parents were Rev William Elder and Mary Wheaton of Ohio; his father's, Margaret Kelley, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charles Felton of Marion, Indiana, a Civil War Veteran. His siblings are Henry Edgar [died in infancy]; Violet Bloom Wahlert, Sep 6, 1903, lives in Columbus, Ohio; Leon July 11, 1907, Madison, Wisconsin; and Donald, Mar 10, 1918, lives with Violet.

    Children of Octavia and Roland are:

    1. JOHNANN BERTHA - Aug 3, 1935

    Gertrude Pierick - Anthony Nondorf - Henry Albrecht Family
    Anthony, who simplified his name when he took out his papers, was b. on a farm near Klein Reken, Germany. He and his 8 brothers had all served in the army. A photograph of the youngest, Bernard, states that he was No. 53 in the army at Munster under Prinz Friedrich Karl. He may have been a grandson or relative of Friedrich August Joseph Zaver, who was b. in Heilsdorf, Sachsen Aug 3, 1749. He was in the Husaren Regiment until Dec 30, 1801 when he was made Field Marshall-Lieutenant of the troop [?]. The record stated that they did not know if there were male descendants. When Anthony came to America he apparently stayed at Kroll's until his marriage to Gertrude about 1880 in Highland performed by Father Rademacher. For nearly 10 years, he ran a saloon at Dry Bone in the mining district, after which they moved to a five acre piece of land 1 mile south of Highland. In 1895 he had a cold but insisted on going to church. He consequently developed pneumonia and died at 9am on Mar 19, 1894.

    Children of Gertrude and Anthony are:

    1. CHRISTINE II - Mar 18, 1881. m. Anthony Kroll II.
    2. GERTRUDE KATHERINE - Dec 5, 1887. m. Henry Kroll.
    3. ANTHONY FRANK - Dec 6, 1891. m. Anna Lincheid
    4. BERNARD "BEN" - Feb 5, 1894, m. E. Schauf
    Later Gertrude m. Henry Albrecht who was b. in Hanover, Sep 24, 1868 and abandoned by his mother at his grandparents when was young. His Uncle John Albrecht sent for him to come to America when he was 20. John, who m. Christine Bonecamp and whose children were: Henry, Joe, Mary and Christine, named after Christine Nondorf II [Kroll] who worked there at the time, later moved to Illinois. They moved to a farm northwest of Clyde on Otter Creek in Oct 1905, where they still live.

    Children of Gertrude and Henry are:

    1. JOSEPH - June 30, 1895, m. Anna Willman
    2. WILLIAM - Nov 28, 1898, m. Gertrude Wacker
    3. HILDEGARDE - july 18, 1901, m. Carl Hing
    4. ELIZABETH - Jan 28, 1904 - died 1904
    5. HENRY PATRICK - Apr 6, 1907 - died 1908

    Christine Nondorf II - Anthony Kroll II Family
    Christine and Anthony were m. in Highland, July 17, 1900 by Rev F Wambold. Herman Pierick and Kate Kreul were witnesses. They lived about 3 miles from Highland until 1914 when they sold their place to Oliver Richter and moved to a ridge farm on section 2, near Cashton, Wisconsin March 19. Shiefers had built the large house on that farm after which, one of their daughters m. Mr. Hauck who added to the house and reared their large family there before Anthony Kroll bought it. Tschernacks built the little house on the 160 acre valley farm adjoining it and sold to Henry Kroll about the same time. Both Haucks and Tschernacks moved north near Rice lake. Seven years later, Henry Kroll sold to Paynes from Weyerheuser who sold to Miss Wyatt.

    Children: All bond and average height except William:

    1. ALPHONSE HENRY - 1901
    2. GERTRUDE MARCELLA - June 27, 1903 She m. Harvey Otterson and had 2 sons - Norbert, June 8, 1929 and Roland Dec 24, 1934.
    3. REUBEN - 1905, died June 1921, 2 weeks after a serious burn.
    4. EVERETT ANTHONY - 1908
    5. RALPH - 1910. Died in adolescence
    6. LEONA MARY - 1912. She m. Ray Hunk, solidly built, red hair, blue eyes of Trowbride, Illinois on June 7, 1934 at St. Mary's Ridge. Father Fladd performed the ceremony and Everett and Marie Kroll were witnesses. Their children are: Ramona Mary Sep 3, 1935; LeRoy James Dec 19, 1936; and Gerald Wayne Jan 19, 1939. Ray's parents were Mary Ellen Rotterman and John W. Hunk; paternal grandparents, Elizabeth Coulter and John Hunk; and maternal grandparents, Mary Pfiefer and Frank Rotterman.
    7. MARIE CECELIA - 1918
    8. SON - 1920. Died in infancy.
    9. WILLIAM ANTHONY - 1922
    10. ERVIN JOSEPH - 1924
    11. DOROTHY - 1928

    Anna Lincheid - Anthony Nondorf Family
    Anthony and Anna were m. on April 23, 1918 at St. John's at Muscoda by Rev. A. A. Kolar with Bernard Nondorf and Alma Lincheid as witnesses. They moved from Clyde to Muscoda on a rich farm in the Wisconsin River Valley in February 1919 and then to Highland in March 1925. Anna is the daughter of Jacob Lincheid, b. Nov 2, 1859 in Germany and died Nov 29, 1928 from cancer at Muscoda, and Catherine Hying, b. October 2, 1868 at Highland. Her older sister is Josephine Dvorak and the younger members of her family are Mayme Kumurka, Jack, Albert, Alma Bonkamp [related to Mrs. John Albrecht], Paul, Carl, and Gertrude Jansen. Jacob's father was John Lincheid, b. and died in Germany, and his mother, Kate Scheid, b. in Germany and died in Highland, March 1891. Catherine's parents were Bernard Hying, b. in 1827 in Germany and died August 11, 1913 in Muscoda and Gertrude Sladbohm, b. in Germany in 1849 and died in Highland of childbirth in 1874.

    Children of Anna and Anthony are:

    1. FLORENCE CATHERINE - March 23, 1919.
    2. FLOYD - Twin. b. March 23, 1919. Died in infancy.
    3. RAYMOND JACOB - May 6, 1921.
    4. JOSEPH ANTHONY - May 2, 1923.
    5. ANNA MAE - May 17, 1927

    Elizabeth Schauf - Bernard Nondorf Family
    Elizabeth was the fourth child in a family of 8 whose names are Mary Vondran, Hubert, Agnes Nee, Eva Katell, Josephine Higgings, Bertha Higgins and William Schauf. She was b. April 13, 1894. Her father, Michael J. Schauf was b. in Gless, Germany, July 5, 1853 and died May 11, 1913. Her mother, Christina Ruetten was b. at Slinsteden, Germany, Nov 19, 1860 and died Jan 29, 1938. Her grandparents were Walburga Herrigar and William Schauf and Catherine and Hubert Ruetten. Elizabeth and Bernard were m. on August 19, 1919 at Richland Center by Rev. Bernard H McKevitt and have lived on a farm near Clyde and Muscoda ever since.

    Children of Elizabeth and Bernard are:

    1. BERNADINE AGNES - July 6, 1920.
    2. HERBERT ANTHONY - Nov 15, 1922
    3. DONALD FREDERICK - June 20, 1923
    4. ROBERT JOHN - July 17, 1924
    5. MARIE ANTOINETTE - March 5, 1926
    6. FRANCIS BERNARD - July 3, 1927
    7. MICHAEL - Jan 12-14, 1929. Died in infancy.
    8. JOHN = June 23, 1931. Died the same day.
    9. IRENE ELIZABETH - Dec 25, 1933.
    10. LORRAINE ANN - Nov 17, 1938.

    Anna Willman - Joseph Albrecht Family
    Joseph and Anna were m. by Father Kaiser at St. Marys Ridge on April 9, 1918 with William Albrecht and Emma Willman as witnesses. They lived in Monroe Co until Feb 20, 1929 when they moved to Clyde. Anna is the oldest of 6, namely; Ferdinand Emma Gerrert, Anthony, Mary Chroney and Rosa Hoffman. Her parents were Albert Willman, b. at St. Mary's March 4, 1865, died March 22, 1935 and Gertrude Ewald. Her paternal grandparents were Ferdinand Willman b. in Baden Germany, August 12, 1827 and died Jul 17, 1914,5, and Anna Rush b. May 24, 1831 and died Sep 15, 1914, also from Baden. Her maternal grandparents, Anton Ewald, b. in 1827, was 7 years younger that his wife, Anna Birkman, b. April 1836 and died Aug 28, 1914. Both were from Hosfelt, Germany.

    Children of Anna and Joseph:

    1. EDWARD ANTON - May 9, 1919.
    2. NORBERT JOSEPH - June 11, 1926.
    3. ANITA GERTRUDE - July 14, 1930
    4. ALFRED HENRY - July 14, 1933

    Gertrude Wacker - William Albrecht Family
    Gertrude Wacker was the oldest child of Louis Wacker who was b. at St. Mary's Ridge [Monroe Co. Wisconsin] on July 24, 1873 and Mary Ewald obviously a younger sister of the mother of Anna Willman Albrecht, who was b. there on Nov 7, 1878. The other siblings present names are Anthony; Herman; Anna Kotten, Rosinz Butzler; Mary Kotten; Catherine Luieck; and Veronica Schroeder. Louis Wacker's parents were Herman Wacker of Cologne, Germany, and Gertrude Stravelt of Munster. Mary Ewald's parents were Anthony and Anna Ewald from Hosfelt, Germany. Gertrude and William were m. at St. Mary's Ridge on Nov 22, 1921 by Father Thill with Anthony Wacker and Hildegarde Albrecht as witnesses. They resided both in Monroe and in Iowa Counties.

    Children of Gertrude and William are:

    1. WILHELMINA MARIE - August 7, 1922.

    Hildegarde Albrecht - Carl Hing Family
    Carl Hing [shortened from Hying], tall, was one of the 5 children of John Hying b. at Highland in 1869 and died at Muscoda of cancer in 1938, and Catherine Kisting, b. at Highland in 1866 and died of apoplexy in Muscoda in 1923. The other children are Clara [Carl's twin, dead]; George; Raymond; and John, a half brother who is much younger. His grandparents were Bernard and Mary Hying and Bernard and Lizzie Kisting. Father Kenney m. Carl and Hilda on May 27, 1924 at Avoca with Gertrude Kroll and George Hing as witnesses. The couple moved to a farm near Muscoda in November of that year.

    Children of Hildegarde and Carl are:

    1. JOHN HENRY - Aug 2, 1926 Died the same day.
    2. MARY ALICE - Dec 17, 1929

    NOTE: There were some inaccuracies and errors in this information. I have corrected those of which I was aware. I have edited information that I considered trivial such as physical descriptions, education and employment. If you want to read the book in its entirety it is available at the Wisconsin Historical Library at Madison, Dane Co, Wisconsin. As always, when researching your family history it is important to document and prove your data. The information researched and written by Eleanor Kroll is valuable and gives us direction in which to turn for the proof that is needed. We appreciate her intense work and investigation. Faulty information and typos would certainly account for the few errors. In any case, we applaud Eleanor for her commitment. Few copies of this booklet remain. Mine is in bad shape, which is why I decided to retype and post it. I hope you will find the information useful. -- Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne and great-granddaughter to Katherine Kroll and Francis Martin.