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Genealogy Article Section

Welcome to the #1 fastest growing hobby in America!

Genealogy research or family history - whatever you call it, it's fun! And we want to help.

ComPortOne is in the process of collecting information that may be useful to you if you are researching in Illinois and Wisconsin [and elsewhere].

We have a list of articles, maps [state, county & township], cemeteries [many with pictures and lists], Illinois Vital Records for Winnebago county, a link to Boone county deaths, some family trees, and we are continually adding to our base.

Check all the resources on the left and watch for more to be added. The newest addition is under Illinois Vital Records which include Birth, Marriage, and Death Vital Statistics of Winnebago County, Illinois. They are huge .pdf files that you can view them online or download them to your personal home computer.

Related Articles is a collection of articles that range from beginner to experienced. Some of the articles are humorous, all are informative.

Midwest Maps show where the counties lie in the states and the township layout. It is important, when researching, to check neighboring counties and townships. FYI: Illinois residents often crossed the state line into Wisconsin so that they could get married without posting bans and therefore avoiding the waiting period.

Cemeteries are critical in completing family groups if there was a child born and died within the ten-year span of census records. Some stones contain far more information than just a birth date and a death date, such as birth location, maiden names, parents names, etc.

Other Links is a list of "Favorite Genealogy Websites of CPO's Editor, Connie Eccles". These are places that have proven to be useful in my own personal research. It is also available in printer friendly form.

Enjoy your research! And maybe you will find doing family history addicting like so many others. However, genealogy research is a good addiction!

Connie Eccles, CPO Editor