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Ear Candles

Old remedies are sometimes the best. Garlic has been around for centuries and the medical world is just now beginning to recognize its great value. The same with St. John's Wort, Echinacea, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and many others.

Another old remedy is ear candles.

What are ear candles? Ear candles are long (usually 12 inches) cone shaped fabric (usually gauze) dipped in wax. There are designed to burn slowly with little residue. The burning of the candle causes a seal in the ear which then gently draws the ear wax up into the end of the candle. The warmth of the heat soothes and comforts the ear and the crackling of the fire enhances the relaxing atmosphere.

The treatment is best performed with a helper. The person receiving the ear candle treatment lays on his side with the ailing ear up. A small hole is put in the center of a paper plate through which the small end of the candle is inserted. It is then placed in the ear canal with the paper plate laying on and protecting the side of the face. The candle is then lit and is allowed to burn down to no more than 3" of the paper plate. It usually take about 7 to 8 minutes to burn an ear candle. Holding the candle with a pliers or something other than your fingers will protect you from the possibility of getting burned. Extinguish the fire with water instead of trying to blow it out. As always, whenever dealing with fire - keep water nearby in case of emergencies.

When the treatment is finished and the fire is out, you can check to see how much ear wax has been drawn up into the ear candle by cutting it open near its end. There are times it may be necessary to repeat the procedure again if there is still a lot of wax inside the ear canal. Be careful not to get water into the canal after the ear candling treatment. Wait 24 hours before swimming, showering, or going out into the cold or wind. Use cotton to protect the ear if necessary.

Obviously, there are times when an ear infection may be the source of ear discomfort. At those times seeing a doctor is the only way to get the medication needed to relieve the pain and clear up the infection. Ignoring ear pain can cause permanent damage to ears - it is not worth taking a chance to wait it out. However, unless you are prone to ear infections an ear candle may be a viable solution, especially if the problem is ear wax.

Where to buy ear candles? There are a few sources and a variety of prices. Some are only wholesalers and unless you can use 1000 ear candles you wouldn't be able to order from them. Try the following sites for ordering:
Colonial Ear Candles
Bobalee Candles

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