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Top 10 Herbs that Heal

Bilberry  Echinaecea
Evening Primrose Feverfew
Garlic Ginger
Gingko Biloba Ginseng
Saw Palmetto St. John's Wort

Improves circulation especially in the tiny capillaries. Improves eyesight. Helps to control insulin levels and strengthen connective tissue. Acts as a diuretic and urinary tract antiseptic. Useful for hypoglycemia, inflammation, stress, anxiety, night blindness, and cataracts. May help halt or prevent macular degeneration.

Native Americans used to treat toothaches, snakebites, and insect bites. Stimulates immune system, fights infection and heals wounds. Stimulates certain white blood cells and has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.Useful for colic, colds, flu, and other infectious illnesses.

Evening Primrose
Promotes weight loss, lowers blood cholesterol and pressure, sedative, pain killer, premenstral symtoms, anti-clotting, and stomach problems. Helpful in treatment of alcoholism, arthritis, hot flashes, menstrual problems, such as cramps and heavy bleeding, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders, and many other disorders.

For migraines - lessens the number and severity. Increases fluidity of lung and bronchial tube mucus, promotes menses, stimulates the appetite, and stimulates uterine contractions. Good for arthritis, colitis, fever, headaches, menstrual problems, muscle tension, pain.

Garlic is considered a miracle food. The Egyptians used garlic to build up their physical strength. The Greeks used it as a laxative. Some Europeans used garlic during the plague years to give them immunity. The Chinese used garlic to lower blood pressure. Early in this century, the U.S. used garlic to treat tuberculosis and as an antibiotic in WWII.

Garlic is used for colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. It reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Because of its attributes, it is being tested as an anti-cancer supplement. It is great to dry up the sniffles and often if taken at the onset of a cold will prevent the cold from taking hold. Garlic is touted by some as a natural mosquito repellent when taken internally. Detoxifies the body and protects against infection by enhancing immune function. Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. Lowers blood lipids levels. Aids in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, cancer, circulatory problems, colds and flu, digestive problems, heart disorders, insomnia, liver disease, sinusitis, ulcers, and yeast infections. Good for virtually any disease or infection.

Ginger was first noted over 2500 years ago as a Chinese medicine. It was also highly valued by the Greeks and in India. It is for colds, nausea, seafood poisoning. Ginger tea is for indigestion. Ginger improves circulation. It is great for motion sickness - even superior to many commerical remedies. Cleanses the colon, reduces spasms and cramps, and stimulates circulation. A strong antioxidant and effective antimicrobial agent for sores and wounds. Useful for bowel disorders, circulatory problems, fever, hot flashes, indigestion, morning sickness, and vomiting.

Gingko Biloba
Gingko Biloba is native to the far east. It was used in Chinese medcine. It is for bronchial, asthmatic, and pulmonary problems. U.S. tests prove it dilates arteries, veins, and capillaries. Improves brain functioning by increasing cerebral and peripheral blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. Good for depression, headaches, memory loss, and tinnitis (ringing in the ears). May relieve leg cramps by improving circulation. Beneficial for asthma, eczema, and heart and kidney disorders.

Used by Chinese about 100 A.D. to enhance general health and stimulate the central nervous system, lowers blood cholesterol, good for heart disease (thins blood). Strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands. Enhances immune function, promotes lung functioning, and stimulates the appetite. Useful for bronchitis, circulatory problems, diabetes, infertility, lack of energy, and stress; to ease withdrawal from cocaine; and to protect against the effects of radiation exposure. Used by athletes for overall body strengthening.

Golden Seal
Used by Native Americans for antispetic and wound healing properties. Often kept behind locked cabinet at health food stores because of expense and to prevent theft. Said to be popular to drug users and alcoholics because it rids the body of the chemicals drug testing identifies. Acts as an antibiotic, cleanses the body, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, increases the effectiveness of insulin, and strengthens the immume system. Promotes functioning capacity of the colon, liver, pancreas, spleen, and lymphatic and respiratory systems. Cleanses mucous membranes, counters infection, improves digestion, and regulates menses. Also decreases uterine bleeding, reduces blood pressure, and stimulates the central nervous system. Good for inflammation, ulcers, and any infectious disease, as well as for disorders affecting the bladder, prostate, stomach, or vagina. Used at the first sign of possible symptons, it can stop a cold, flu, or sore throat from developing.

Saw Palmetto
Popular as a treatment to ease urinary tract disorders, particularly in males, also used for prostate symptoms. Acts as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic. Stimulates the appetite. Inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that contributes to the enlargement of the prostate. Good for poor appetite and prostate disorders. May also enhance sexual functioning and desire.

St. John's Wort
Especially popular for treating mild depression in Europe. Is also anti-anxiety, anti-inflamatory, sedative, fights viruses, used for bed wetting, colds, arthritis. Being tested as possible treatment for HIV. Increases sensitivity to the sunlight. More on St. John's Wort.

Connie Eccles

This list is not comprehensive on all attributes of each herb. As with all medicines, they should be taken with caution. Some people have allergic responses to herbs. Certain conditions require a doctor's supervision; i.e. high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, cancer, heart disease. Always let your doctor know which herbs you are taking when he is prescribing medication because of the possiblity of drug interactions. ComPortOne has no medical license. This information is just provided for education and to encourage further investigation.

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