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What Can Hospice Do For You?

The goal of hospice has always been to keep terminal patients in surroundings of their own choosing, in command of their care, and as pain-free and lucid as possible, with loved ones nearby. As Northern Illinois Hospice Association (NIHA) approaches 23 years, we reflect on the even greater need for awareness and discussion of hospice services, and we have suggestions to help you begin this most necessary conversation. As Americans, we talk about estates, life insurance, wills, and posthumous organ donation. But we seldom plan for the dying process. The result is that of the 80% of people who want to die at home, only 25% get to. These are the few who talk about their preferences and make written plans.

The fear of talking about death keeps people from becoming informed and empowered. But individuals, churches, and organizations can start the discussion on these challenging issues. At NIHA, we have printed information on relevant subjects from Advance Medical Directives and the Medicare Hospice Benefit, to hospice in a nursing home setting. Our speakers bureau is available to tailor a subject to your groupís needs. We are an independent hospice, not affiliated with any hospital or medical group, and the pioneer in the Northern Illinois area. All of our help and information is without obligation, and if we donít have the answer, weíll find someone who does. It is not necessary to need hospice services to call us, or another hospice provider, for information on what end-of-life care is available for you and your loved ones. The important thing is to take control now. Call. Ask your questions. Be informed.

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