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There has been a great deal of news on this subject lately and, unfortunately, there is also far too much misinformation commonly taken as fact by a majority of people. Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing art in the world. With the growing concern for alternative health care, people have been adding, or even substituting chiropractic care as their primary health care.

Our society has grown up with the expectation of quick results. It began with drugs and the desire to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms. Even though there is this change in the type of health care we choose, we bring with us the same concepts of a quick and easy answer to our problems. One such concept is the "bone out of place" idea most have regarding their spines and problems they have. The joints of the spine are not a "ball and socket" type of joint. They are basically flat surfaces which glide. That is why we can move in the many directions we do. It is when the normal and full range of motion becomes limited that problems develop. Because we equate pain or symptoms with a health problem, and the lack of pain or symptoms with no health problems, we are ignoring the simple laws of cause and efffect.

Everything we do from day to day in our lives will have some affect on us. The spine is not constructed in such a way as to be "in or out" of place. The most important concept to remember is "MOBILITY." The spine was meant to be used. Our society today severly limits proper functioning of our spines which, over a period of time, will bring about a degeneraive process within the spine and surrounding tissues. This degenerative process is slow and will not, in most cases, cause symptoms Until the body can no longer adapt and function normally.

Our bodies have certain physical limitations of function - and when it passes those bounds - there can only be negative results. For instance, cancer. It can take up to 20 years for cancer to develop to the point where symptoms are produced. Our bodies have a tremendous ability to adapt to negative changes, but only on a temporary basis. In time, Any negative change which is not corrected will cause some degree of health problem at some time in life. The cancer that was not noticed does not mean it wasn't there. It was alive and well-developing a nasty scene for the future.

The negative changes which take place in the body, primarily the spine, can be better understood by looking at another common injury, the broken arm. A broken arm requires a cast for approximately 6 weeks. After the cast is removed, specific changes can be noticed. The arm itself has shrunk in size, and there is a certain degree of stiffness within the joint itself. It takes a short period of time to recondition the arm and bring it back to normal. Now if we look at the mechanism by which these conditions developed we will see that the simple act of immobilization prevented the normal range of motion of the joint from operating. This inability to properly use a specific part of the body (arm) for a short 6 weeks resulted in the degenerative condition described above.

Dr. Thomas A Chamberlain, D.C. - Rockford [Retired]

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