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Angel On the 109
The Empty chair?
Cracked Pots
Side by Side
A Prayer Rock
It Shows on Your Face
Let Go and Let God
The Touch of the Master's Hand
The Two Boxes
Just Remember, I Care
There Once Was an Oyster
Which Are You?
Reasons for Life
The Wooden Bowl
The Carpenter
Courageous Words of Darrell Scott
The Doll and the White Rose
Answered Prayer
The Embroidery
God Answers Prayers
God's Tomatoes
Little Eyes Upon You
God's Wings
A Living Bible
Sailing Off the Pacific Coast
The Paper Route
The Smell of Rain
The Silversmith
It's Up to You
57 Cents
Footprints in the Sand
The Fork
What If Jesus Came?
The Story of Stevie
It Takes a Child
Michael's Song
The Parable of the Eagle
The Story of George Hall
The Power of Prayer
The Story of Two Brothers
Delivered Prayer
Choosing a Minister
The Novice and the Pianist
Paid In Full
The Beach
Buying Time
There Are Two Choices
A Mother's Beattitudes
Testimony of a Missionary
The Parable of the Rose
We Are Needed, Nevertheless
An angel walked the beat tonight on Highway 109
All of my life I have never known how to pray
Indeed, we are all cracked pots
The Holy Bible and the TV Guide
Design a rock and attach this poem
How you live each day
Poem on trusting God
The worth of souls
One for sorrows; one for joys
He cares; He always cares
Things we cannot solve we must survive
A builder, or a wrecker?
We are stationed where God wants us to be
Can't is the worst word that's written or spoken
Grandpa came to live with them.
An elderly carpenter was ready to retire.
Father of Columbine victim.
A little boy wanted to buy his sister a gift.
Words by Edgar Guest
Seeing God's Plan
God's timing is perfect
Too busy to plant a garden
And they're watching night and day
Under his wings you will find refuge
Humility, a quality to admire and work for
Some preach it, some live it.
Lost at sea. Who to save?
A lesson on forgiveness
A small child remembers God
Eighteen boys show God's love
He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver
God gave you this day
See what God can do with 57 cents
"It was then that I carried you."
She asked to be buried with a fork in her hand.
What would you do?
On hiring a handicapped person.
To enter the Kingdom of Heaven ...
A small boy's love for his newborn sister.
Stretch forth thy wings and fly!
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
When others pray, we can be protected.
They always thought of each other first.
The Christian and the Atheist
Do not judge on outward appearances
A small boy and a grand master.
A young man expected to receive a car
A little girl's love of the beach.
A son's request of his father.
Making a choice about your attitude.
Blessed is the Mother...
Before his mission, he had a dream.
People, like roses, have thorns.
In our weakness we find our strength.

ComPortOne Editor Note:
Motivational and inspirational articles, poems and stories were temporarily discontinued on ComPortOne, while we reassessed our policy of posted "anonymous" inspiration. Many inspirational works circulate the Internet and eventually become "anonymous" when someone else leaves off the author's name. Such is how many of the inspirational works found their way to our website. ComPortOne had been notified of a copyright infringement for posting a poem that was found as "anonymous." ComPortOne would have acquired permission to post or would have refused to post had it not been found as "anonymous". As soon as were notified we pulled the poem. Our apologies to the author who we unintentionally offended and our apologies to our readers, especially if anyone feels our oversight caused any harm. Our goal was simply to bring beautiful inspiration to our readers who like most of us need occasional lifting of our souls. Therefore, if you find an "anonymous" story, poem or article and you know who wrote it, please notify us, so we can acquire copyright permission and give due credit.

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