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In America, Freedom of Religion is written into the Constitution. There are many religions in the world - most of which also exist in the United States. To appreciate and understand our own religion as well as others, links to religious sites are listed below. The list contains both Christian and non-Christian religions.

Churches in the Midwest   Listing of area churches
Holy Scriptures   Selected stories and verses
Religious Writings   Various articles
Inspirational Stories   Collected stories of faith
Faiths of the World   Links to their official sites
Other Interesting Links   Oganizations & Sites
Free Religious Material   800 #s or Email

Faiths of the World

Baptist Faith & Message

Catholic Church

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Islam Religion

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jerusalem One WWW Network

Jews for Jesus Home Page

Presbyterian Church USA

Reformed Baptist WWW Resources

Religion & Philosophy Resources on the Internet

Religious Society of Friends WWW Site

United Pentecostal Church International

Other Interesting Links

Promise Keepers

Billy Graham

Free Religious Material

From the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Free video tape "The Lamb of God" - call 1-800-556-1070
Free scriptures: The Bible [King James version] and/or The Book of Mormon Email LDS Books [Include name, address, and phone number]

Important note: If any of these sites contain derogatory remarks about other religions, please let us know. They will not be represented on ComPortOne. We have looked through the sites listed but they may add new pages, or we may have missed something. We appreciate being notified when our links are not consistent with our policies. ComPortOne chooses to help bring understanding and love to our readers and refuse to engage in fostering hate and discord. Thank you.
Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne