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Local High School in Serious Debt
Practically every school is having budget woes. Raising taxes is NOT the answer. Here are some ideas to save money.

The Champion - Family Taxpayers Network
This is a great information website. Want to know what salaries your school district is paying? Search here. Articles and perspectives on making schools accountable - both financially and academically. Worth checking out.

Teach Family History in Schools
Most students don't actually hate history, they just don't see the significance to their life. By studing family history, students will learn to love history, appreciate their ancestors and develop great researching techniques.

Evaluation of Teachers by Their High School Students
Students experience the daily atmosphere in their classrooms. We should give them the credit for recognizing the qualities that make a good teacher, a fair teacher, a teacher who inspires them to do their best and the ability to recognize someone who shouldn't even be a teacher.

Grading the NEA
Focus on the Family presents a Christian perspective of the most influential teacher's unions in our country.

Midwest High School Porn Site?
Porn entrepreneurs created havoc in the Village of Rockton, Illinois. Hononegah High school was found not to be involved.

All the Good Things
This is the kind of teacher we all pray our kids will get; one who truely loves all her students especially those that need more. Unforgetable.

The Character of Education: Promises to Keep
Chip Wood, co-creator of the Responsive Class-room outlines 7 promises he believes we must make to our children, schools, and each other if we are to move our beliefs about character education into sound daily practice.

The Killing of the Self - Teachers have power. The power to uplift and encourage or the power to demean and destroy. Stories and examples of the misuse of this powerful gift given to teachers.

Serving on a School Board
Considering running for office? Get some insights and perspectives before you decide. Written by a former school board member.

The Democratic Process - Does it work?
This article was written from the perspective of electing school board members. However, the advice would certainly apply in voting for any electoral candidate.

What Really Matters in American Education
U. S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley gives comments and impressions upon his return from completing the first leg of the annual "America Goes Back to School" campaign. September 23, 1997

The Extended Period Schedule.
Block scheduling - What is it? Will it enhance the learning environment in our schools? Examples of 7 X 1 and 7 X 2 block schedules included. By Hononegah High School Principal Richard L. Beck. Rockton, Illinois

Year-round schools?
Interesting. A better learning environment? ...shorter school days? ...better knowledge retention? more boring summers? By Dr. Ralph L. Marshall, Ed. D. ISU, Superintendent of Schools, Hononegah High School

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