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Interesting Educational Links

The following links are designed with teachers educators, parents, students, and others interested in education. These sites are packed with information on current and important issues. Many sites could be listed in all catagories.

Especially for:
Teachers and Educators, Educational Associations, Parents, Students, Other Interesting Sites, Articles.

Educational Associations:
American Federation of Teachers- union of public and professional employees, including public and private school teachers, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel, higher education faculty and professionals, employees of state and local governments, and more.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education - a national, voluntary organization of colleges and universities with undergraduate and/or graduate programs to prepare professional educators. Located in Washington, D.C., the Association is the major catalyst for initiative and innovation in teacher education.

National Education Association - is America's oldest and largest organization (union) committed to advancing the cause of public education. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the NEA has members working at every level of education, from pre-school to university graduate programs.

Learning First - an alliance of major national educational organizations dedicated to improving student learning in America's public schools.

National School Board Association - is the nationwide advocacy organization for public school governance. NSBA's mission is to foster excellence and equity in public elementary and secondary education in the United States through local school board leadership.

National Association of State Boards of Education - a nonprofit, private association that represents state and territorial boards of education and services members of state boards, state board attorneys, and state board executive secretaries. These members are responsible for the educational interests of more than forty million students in public schools and more than three million students in post-secondary institutions.

American Association of School Administrators - professional organization for educational leaders across North America and in many other countries. Check the Front Burner for articles on current issues. Excellent information source.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development - an international, nonprofit, nonpartisan education association providing professional development in curriculum and supervision; initiating and supporting activities to provide educational equity for all students. A leader in education information services.

National Association of Elementary School Principals - dedicated to educational excellence and high professional standards among K-8 educators, the NAESP works at the national, state and local levels to help school leaders provide the best possible education to the children and youth in their schools.

National Association of Secondary School Principals - the nation's largest school leadership organization for middle level and high school administrators, promotes the interest of education in Congress, conducts research, and provides consultant services to members. The NASSP founded and administers the National Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils.

Especially for Students:
Awesome Library - organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web with 10,000 carefully reviewed resources including a directory, an index, and a new search engine.

Creative Writing For Kids - offers a variety of activities, advice, and sites of interest to budding writers. Content is divided up to make it age appropriate for younger or older (up to 15) kids. Send in your work for editing suggestions, or for publication.

Mapping Your Future - Information for 8th - college students and their parents. It covers choosing a career, selecting a college, obtaining financial aid, finding a job, and more!

Internet 101 - a basic guide, well organized and easy to read. Also makes great tool for teachers.

CollegePrep 101 - from Oklahoma State University. Learn about going to college from people who are there. Great stuff!

Test Prep - take complete practice tests to prepare you for the SAT. Find out where you are strong and where your weak spots are. A great resource!

NYE Labs Online - Bill Nye the Science Guy brings science to life with hands-on learning, experiments and fun.

Neuroscience for Kids - activities and information about the nervous system

Study Web - a huge research library. The grade level sorting and visual content is helpful.

The Lokke Study Center - site has many useful resource links. If you need help with homework this is a good place to start.

Taking Time Off - Take time off during or before college to work full-time, do community or world service? An idea endorsed by some frowned on by others. Check this site and decide for yourself.

Especially for Parents:
Children First - National Parent-Teacher Association - the oldest and largest volunteer association in the United States, working exclusively on behalf of children and youth for over 100 years, consisting of more than 6.5 million members. Members include parents, teachers, students, and other child advocates.

America Goes Back to School - a campaign, launched by the U.S. Department of Education, to engage families and communities in working together to make education a number one priority.

Search Insititute- Practical research benefiting children and youth. Encourages more community and parental involvement in the education of our children. Good ideas for troubling problems.

Heartland Institute - Heartland Institute faces some of the educational issues that trouble us most. It is dedicated to revamping the education system.

Cornerstone Values Curriculum - Values are essential to raising children with the qualities we desire and admire most.

American Literacy Council - site includes information on current research, events, innovation and more on improving the quality of adult literacy programs and services.

Maximum potential Project - a California project which offers counseling for adults and children who are underachievers. Even if you are wondering - check this one out.

RAND Institute on Education and Training - research papers on a variety of subjects inlcuding, NATO, education, crime, and more.

Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs - Concerned about the lack of character education in our schools? Resources and information vital to understanding the dire need of values in our country's future.

Especially for Teachers and Educators:
Teachers.Net - a site full of resources for teachers. The "Reference Desk" is huge with links to dictionaries, calculators, maps, encyclopedias, card catalogs, and more. Also language and curriculum resources. This site is extremely useful!

TeacherZone - a news and information service about technology for teachers and principals by teachers and principals.

Bascom's Global Resources for Teachers - for K-12 teachers. Lesson plans in a variety of subjects, educational links, professionals and career resources.

Think Quest - an international contest for students 12-19 years old. Under the direction of coaches and teachers, they build educational web sites.

Understanding Citizenship - intended for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the Kent School District Social Studies department.

Classroom Connect - includes links to some terrific sites and a special area for teachers.

Adventure Online
Connect your classroom with various student-led expeditions. Archived past experiences.

Cells Alive - a great site to see cells in action with descriptions and animated gifs to keep this site interesting.

The Learning Bridge - a huge site brimmin with information and sites of interest to students and educators across the country.

Illinois Learning Web - offers teachers and students easy access to classroom and professional resources.

NASA Spacelink - offers a wealth of hot topics, cool picks, and search opportunities for its collectionof 13,000 NASA files. Impressive.

The National Association of Space Simulating Educators - offers a great page for teachers including how-to insturctions for building simulators, scripts for different space missions, graphics and a links page.

Other Interesting Sites:
Alliance to Save Student Aid - The student aid crisis, information on pending congressional action, calls to action, plus the things individuals can do to help.

American Council of Education - "A voice for higher and adult education" Hot issues, products, services, and government relations are covered in detail here. Graphics-intensive but informative site.

American School Directory - A web site "for each of America's 106,000 K-12 schools". School information, phone numbers, calendars, and maps. A great resource if you're moving or just curious.

Researchers' Gateway to Sponsors, Grants and Contracts - CRADA Corporation provides hundreds of links for general, women's, and minorities' use in locating funds through foundations, government agencies, corporations, and international concerns.

The Center for Education Reform - For parents, teachers, and taxpayers, it's interesting reading about difficult issues. Charter schools, school choice, and education reform are discussed here at length.

Coalition for Student Loan Reform - The CSLR intends to increase student access to loans. If you are or will be a college student or parent of one, be sure to see their student and parent information section.

Dyslexia Archive - Learn about the common learning disability - dyslexia. A list of famous people is included on this site.

The US Department of Education - The U.S. Government site is packed with information and articles. Check and see what steps they have in mind to deal with our education problems. And they provide copies of their latest publications, such as The Student Guide to Financial Aid. Also the Pick o' the Month page is worth a visit.

The History of Education - The award-winning international archive of links and source materials about the history of education and history of childhood.

Mores sites will be added as we discover them. If you think we have overlooked a great site please Email ComPortOne and let us know.

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